Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Deals-- New Releases, 99cent sales, Freebies--12/16

Guys let me know if you're coming by to check these out. If no one's interested I'm okay skipping these posts. Takes a clip to put them together and if there's no interest I can work on other posts :) So chime in and let me know :)

Got some goodies for yall today!

To navigate the widget! On the right side are three categories

New Releases
99cent deals
and Freebies. 

Just click that then scroll through. 
There will be a couple of pages for each. You can click on the cover for book blurb then just hit the back button to get to the main list again.  

Let me know if you grab anything! It helps me for picking future 99cent and freebie deals!      ~Anna

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