Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year! New Blogger! Totally cliche but there ya go...Some bloggery goals...aka...shit I'm gonna get done in 2015.

So! I'm making Bloggery New Years Resolutions. 
Or goals. Or whatever ya wanna call them. 
"Shit I'm gonna get done in 2015" works too. *nods*

I do better when I'm held accountable and have a list to work off of so figured I'd make this public and have a place to update as I go. 

1. Review every book that I take on for review in a timely manner (hopefully the month it releases)
  • Jan--most done. Missed 2 (though 1 was a consideration)
  • Feb-- missed 1 and a couple that were review consideration
  • Mar-- I think I got all but one
  • April-- Got all but one--which was a gift not a request
  • May--
  • June--
  • July--
  • Aug--
  • Sept--
  • Oct--
  • Nov--
  • Dec--

2. Make my way through old review requests and get caught up.

*shame face* It's a rather daunting pile. I took on a lot more than I should have early on and still some months one will slip by me and it's so hard to get back to those. But one book at a time. Hopefully I can clear them all out by end of year or by early 2016.
  • I need to actually sit down and figure out this list
  • 4/21--got my list. Holy. Shit. I can't believe I've missed so many over the last 4 years. Though a good chunk were ones sent for review consideration so I don't feel quite as bad not getting to all of those yet. But I will try.

3. Get my Netgalley ratio above 95%. Currently at 82%. I'd gotten to 90 but then took on a bunch of Feb/March books so down I plummeted.
  • 1/19--84%--submitted The Farther I Fall & The Trouble w/ Texas Cowboys (20 to go)
  • 1/26--86%--submitted Fire Me Up & Rough Rider (18 to go)
  • 1/29--86%--submitted Married to a Perfect Stranger (18 to go)
  • 2/1--88%-- submitted The King & Hungry Like the Wolf (16 to go)
  • 2/18--88%--submitted Bear Attraction (16 to go)
  • 3/5--87%--submitted Stealing Rose & Slow Burn (17 to go)
  • 3/11--87%--submitted Darker Than Desire (18 to go)
  • 3/20--87%--submitted Blind Faith (18 to go)
  • 3/26--87%--submitted Total Surrender (18 to go)
  • 4/21--87%-- submitted Chasing Danger, Nice Girls Don't Ride, Yield to Me (19 to go)
  • 5/7--82%--submitted Kilts & Daggers, Hot Alphas (27 to go)
  • 5/8--83%--submitted Drive It Deep (26 to go)
  • 5/11--83%--submitted Game Changer (25 to go)

4. Finish all Edelweiss Reviews--Current 7 titles
  • Say Yes to the Marquess
  • Diary of an Accidental Wallflower REVIEW 2/16
  • At Wolf Ranch REVIEW
  • Never Judge a Lady by her Cover
  • Hard to Hold on To
  • Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars
  • Vampire Most Wanted
  • The Wedding Band
  • Chase Me REVIEW 5/12
  • When It's Right
  • Keep Me Safe

5. Cross post all reviews. Keep on top of 2015, work my way through 2012-2014.
  • Jan--DONE!
  • Feb--
  • Mar--
  • April--
  • May--
  • June--
  • July--
  • Aug--
  • Sept--
  • Oct--
  • Nov--
  • Dec--

6. Have at least 1 discussion post per month, hopefully 2-4. And figure out a name. Word from the Herd?

  1. Jan- It's okay to not love a book & review it 
  2. Jan-the Insecure Blogger 
  3. Jan-Why You Should Comment
  4. Feb-Is it KU or market over saturation? 
  5. Feb--30? You are WAY too old for romance
  6. Mar
  7. Apr--I did the A to Z challenge and am counting that. There were a TON of random posts.
  8. May--The good & ugly of Affiliate Links
      7. Post 1 Blogger to Author or Rock the Blog discussion per month.
      • Jan--done! Blogger to Author--Using BCC
      • Feb--done! Blogger to Author--When should you comment
      • Mar
      • April--skipped due to A to Z challenge--I'm okay with that
      • May
      • June
      • July
      • Aug
      • Sept
      • Oct
      • Nov


      8. Create guidelines for author guest posts and interviews
      • Guest Post guidelines 1/3
      • Interview guidelines 4/15
      • Meme-jack guidelines 5/7

      9. Raise at least $1000 more in the Support the Troops Auction: Goal--$3608


      10. Streamline my blog schedule-- set days for reviews, memes, author posts, how tos, etc. I need this I think.
      • Monday-Quote-tastic/review
      • Tuesday--Book Deals, review, author post
      • Wednesday--author posts, review
      • Thursday--review, Cat Thursday, author post
      • Friday--review
      • Saturday--discussion topic or tasty delight
      • Sunday--either a "for fun" review or a tasty delight
      11. get Ed Sheeran to follow the blog on Twitter (heh) or come on for an interview. Oh...I would die.

      12. break into the top 1000 on Amazon for reviewers. 
      Jan--Currently at 2835. *flails* 
      Feb--Rrrr not going well. lol 2830
      13. finish indexing the blog--getting there but not quite. So all author posts, reviews, memes, food posts, etc are indexed. Been slowly working on this but with over 1500 posts...#dies


      14. Create one new blog feature 
      • Word from the Herd--discussing issues in the bookish community

      15. weed out my blog images folders. They're a mess and I spend ages searching for images
      • Kill me. Kill me now. 


      16. Update blog graphics I'd like to change 
      • Author images--guest post, interview, giveaway, meme-jack
      • Feature images-- Word from the Herd, Blogger to Author, Quote-tastic, Randomly Random, Tasty Delights, Tag: The Cat Herder, The Monthly Herd, Book Deals, Cat Thursday, 
      • Review headers--Contemporary, Rom-Suspense, New Adult, Mystery, Cookbook, Paranormal, Cozy Mystery Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Erotica, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Historical, Paranormal Erotic, Erotic Historical, Weird Fuckery
      • Blog Header, FB, Twitter, G+, Tsu

      17. Keep the blog "ahead" by at least 60 posts at all times. 
      Started with--86 "ahead"
      • Jan--ended with 101 ahead
      • Feb-- ended with 96 ahead
      • Mar-- ended with 100 ahead
      • April-- ended with 80 ahead
      • May--
      • June--
      • July--
      • Aug--
      • Sept--
      • Oct--
      • Nov--
      • Dec--

      18. Be a better blogger friend--more commenting, more social media, etc

      19. Clear out emails, FB personal messages, FB blog messages. And keep on top of them. I'm horribly behind.

      • 5/7-- Email is DONE!

      20. Be better about sending out prizes in a timely manner. I have no excuse. I lose track of time. That's pretty much it. I get fixated on projects at home/on the blog and don't realize a couple weeks have gone by and I've not made it to the post. I suck. I know. Probably my biggest blogger shortcoming. No. Definitely my biggest blogger shortcoming. 

      Okay. That might be it for now. I'll probably add more in as I think of them but for now...20 things I want to work on as a blogger. Hopefully I'll knock them all out. Maybe not. That's okay too. But I'm gonna try at least :) Do you have any 2015 blogger goals? Or personal ones?


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