Friday, January 30, 2015

The Monthly Herd--January Recap--kicking some blogger butt!

Happy end to January! It was a busy start to the year with the blog turning 3 :) I'm still working on getting all the gifties out from that. Holy cow but it's been a good 2 weeks of emailing people. Almost there though :D

Bloggery updates. I'm doing really well with most of my 2015 blog goals so far this year. Yay! The weekly discussion topics have been going awesome (they're linked below). Thanks to everyone who has joined in on those! It's been a great time. I've gotten my author guest posting/interview guidelines forms completed and they're even being used already. And I'm streamlining and updating all of my blog graphics so they're matching and just a bit more sleek looking. Hopefully yall are liking those :) NetGalley is up 4% points too and one of my Edelweiss reviews is done. Whew! Came up with a new feature as well. So not a bad Jan at all.

In real life. Whew boy. I've been doing a LOT of extra USO hours because our volunteer base got slammed with the flu this month. The herd has been their charmin' selves--cue vid of BabyG. I attempted making a real fire then decided nope I'm one of those 'fake log' kind of people. lol Feb I'm planning on lots of house projects so fingers crossed they'll all happen :D Hope yall have been having a good 2015 so far! Now...on to the Jan recap :)   ~Anna

Woots! A semi-new feature. Word from the Herd.
This is for two of my 2015 goals--tarting a new feature and hosting more discussion threads
So far so good! 
This is more topics I think are important in our community but that are rarely addressed. If you have a topic you'd like discussed let me know!
Nothing huge planned at this point for Feb. Just putzing around as normal.

Oh! I do have two events coming up that are still open for blogger/author sign ups.

Oh oh! I'm also doing a Feb Challenge that Bea's Book Nook is hosting called Winning at Reading where you read X number of books you've won.

I'm going for 1 book--I know. Lame. But I have a full dock of review books I've already committed to so aiming for one. Maybe I'll make it to more. That'd be great. For more info or to sign up go HERE!
Total Books Reviewed: 19
New to Me Authors: 8
Books towards Challenges: 10
Word from the Herd-- The Insecure Blogger
Blogger to Author-- Using BCC when emailing
Word from the Herd--Why you should comment
Guest Post w/ Rebecca York
Guest Post w/ Carolyn Brown
Guest Post w/ Jess Michaels
Guest Post w/ Angela Addams
Guest Post w/ Alyssa Alexander
Meme-jack w/ PA DePaul
Guest Post w/ Jessica Lemmon
Cat Thursday--Mama & Me
Cat Thursday--Feed Me...NOW

Tasty Delights--Slutty Brownies
Tasty Delights-- Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies
Tasty Delights--Hangover Hash


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