Friday, January 23, 2015

Word from the Herd-- Are YOUR comments important to a blogger?

Happy weekend yall! 
So today I wanted to talk about commenting :D

I know. Scary word for some but so important for a bunch of reasons from morale boosts to community building and opportunities for bloggers.

And these reasons to comment apply to you if you're an author, reader or blogger.

(I'm not one that thinks authors have to avoid commenting on blogs but that's a post for another day)

1. It can really help a blogger out!
Really! When working with publishers and contacting authors comments aren't the be all to end all but they can make a difference sometimes with a blogger getting an elusive ARC or scoring an interview. With getting extra giveaways and or having authors to join in on events. 
2. You could be what keeps a blog going!
I love blogging but it can also be a pretty time consuming and solitary thing. For each review I do on the's pretty much 5-8 hours of alone time with reading the book, writing the post and formatting it. Fretting over it. That's a LOT of time spent alone on a regular basis even if you love what you're doing.
And it's nice to know that people are checking out those posts and enjoying them too. 
So if you love a blog and enjoy what they do one really easy way to let them know is leaving comments. It doesn't have to be every day or every post but now and again when you read one and enjoy it take out a few seconds and just jot a note down in the comments :) You might just be the reason a blogger keeps going and doesn't close up shop thinking no one cares.
 3. It's a great way to meet other bloggers!
For bloggers commenting is a huge thing. If you're new to blogging or just haven't ventured out into commenting you really should. It's a great community and fun to get to know others in it. It'll help with traffic to your own blog as well since a lot of bloggers follow the etiquette of visiting those who visit them. If you're visiting and not commenting no one knows you've stopped by or that you're out there. I've had a couple say things like 'oh I read your posts ever day and love them!' and I've got no idea they had ever come by or anything about their blog. Had I known I totally would have dropped in for a visit.
4. It just makes things more fun!
The reader/romance community is an awesome place and a great way to meet other readers and commenting--regardless of what 'status' you are (reader, blogger or author)--can really help build that community feel. I've gotten to know a bunch of the blog followers and other bloggers because of commenting on one or the other's blogs or from visiting on FB posts. Some I've gotten to know in real life because of it. Some that we stick to e-visiting but have become close none-the-less. It's just nice to get to know each other and if you're just reading and never commenting you're totally missing out on those friendships.
So...what to do? If you've checked out a post and enjoyed it...leave a comment. They don't have to be crazy long or in depth. A quick 'oh I loved this post' is a great thing too. If you want to add more...even better. It's okay to share if you loved a book too or even if you had a different view of it (just keep it polite). If you have a question about the book or series...ask it. Or if you're going to pick up the book or try the recipe or whatever because of the blogger...let them know. It seriously makes my day to hear from someone that they picked up a book and loved it after reading a post. Or if I make a recipe and they go 'omg you would LOVE this one...check this out'. Or whatever. It's okay if others have commented alreadyor if no one else has. Be the first. Be the 20th chiming in. They all matter. They're all awesome. So take a couple extra seconds when you can and leave a little comment love. It can mean the world to a blogger.

And bloggers...make it as easy as possible for your followers to comment. Turn of captcha if you have it. Make sure it's easy to find the commenting section. Ask a question at the end of your post. Be sure to reply to comments as soon as you can. And visit bloggers who visit you if possible. I want to hear from yall!

If you're a blogger are comments important to you or not something you worry about?
For everyone... Do you leave comments? 
If you don't comment often...what keeps you from jumping in?

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