Thursday, January 1, 2015

We're THREE!!! Woots & Squees abound!!!!

We're three!!! We're Three! We're Three!!!!
Holy fucking cow we're three!

I can't believe it. It really does seem like just yesterday I was starting the blog.
Thank you all for being a part of the last 3 years.
Yall make blogging so much fun for me :) It's always a blast visiting with yall on here or over on FB or one of the other social media sites. For indulging in the quirky and silly and naughty with me. Did I mention I adore hanging out with yall? lol

2014 was a pretty big year on the blog. I decided to go all out. To try everything I wanted to try. Jump in feet first and see what happened. And I think it turned out pretty dang nicely.
Had some sleepless nights, spent way too many hours some days plugging away but it was a fun bookish adventure and I can't wait to see what year 4 brings the blog. 

So 2014. Our 3rd year. What happened?

Had 91 author guest posts and interviews

I started reviewing cookbooks (eeps)

Started 7 new ongoing features

Started The Herd Hops and hosted a LOT of blog hops. If you want to hear about future hops you can join our mailing list! Usually one a month-ish.

Started offering some author services as well as ad space on the blog!
Authors if you need something just shoot me a note!

Hosted some Bloggery events!
A couple will happen in 2015 as well. Two Blog Ahead challenges, Erotic Romance Reading Challenge, Historical Romance Reading Challenge, Quote-tastic, the Christmas Recipe Exchange. Plus we'll be hosting a New to You Reading Challenge :D

We had our first Support the Troops Auction which raised over $2600 for the USO where I volunteer! We'll be doing this again! Bloggers and Authors! If you'd like to donate items to the event please email me! This will happen in May or June probably. 

 Authors for the Holidays year 3 happened. There's still a week to enter yall!
Just go HERE! I want some of yall regulars to win so enter!

I had some favorite Posts:

The Haunted Vagina by Carlton Melick III
Promise Me This by Christina Lee
Yall interviewing Me

I read a lot of books (190), reviewed a lot too (195), cooked a bunch of food, cursed a lot, had a lot of laughs, a good number of tears, moved a business, volunteered, lost friendships and found new ones, loved on the herd and survived the heartache of losing some of the herd babes, went to book clubs and ventured out in my city, survived, flourished, fretted, ranted and raved. Tried Instagram and Tumblr and Tsu too. It was an interesting year to say the least. 

Thanks so much for being a part of the ride! For supporting me when I needed it most. For sharing your smiles and triumphs and favorite reads. For all of your notes and comments and visits which mean so very much to me. So thank you again for being a part of year three <3

I love hearing from yall! So don't be shy...leave a comment!

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