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Bad Boys Online (Bowling Friends #1) by Erin McCarthy

From cybersex partners to hackers gone awry, each of McCarthy’s three fiery tales involve couples who interact with computers and find love in the process. In “Hard Drive,” Kindra is mortified when her coworker and secret crush, Mack, catches her cavorting online with her cybersex lover. But when Mack offers to show her the benefits of love the old-fashioned way, Kindra realizes what she has been missing. In “Press Any Key,” it seems like Jared can’t stand his sexy coworker Candy. But beneath his scowl, he is deeply attracted to her sweet ways. “User Friendly” finds Halley reluctantly turning to her best friend, Evan, for help with a hacker. They both have feelings for each other but are afraid to act on them until the heat of the hacker chase finds them giving in to their lust and discovering the perfect mate in each other.

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Silly sexy fun? That's pretty much Bad Boys Online. It's a hot little collection of novellas all centered around online tech of some sort. And oh it was a good time! I really enjoyed each of the three stories as long time friends or coworkers finally got the chance to hook up with the people they've been smitten with or totally in love with for ages. They're each quick stories but nicely fleshed out and since they start with the characters already knowing each other they don't feel like they're moving "too fast" in the relationships which was nice. They're quirky and fun and full of make-you-girl-aw moments that just left me smiling, And oh *fans self* the heat! Yes...this one has some nice lovin' happening for sure. It's the perfect little read for a chilly afternoon with a hot cup of tea.
Hard Drive
Hard Drive was pretty dang cute. Kindra and Mac have worked together and had a thing for each other for a year but kept their lips sealed until one day he walks into her office and finds her....having cybersex. Yups. He caught her writing durrrrty emails with her e-friend. ::snort:: And one thing leads another and a challenge of "real life is better than cyber life" and he's gonna prove it to her. *nods*

With a grin, he said, "Are you laughing at me?"

"Not at you. With you," she corrected, remembering the reprimand she used to receive from her mother.

He snorted. "I wasn't laughing." He squeezed her hand. "But don't worry, you won't be laughing in a minute. Not when you're having the greatest sex you've ever had."

She was read. Bring it on. "I promise not to laugh." She let her eyes drop down to his erection.

He got the implied joke. "Hey!"
These two were hot and heavy and kinda funny. There's some awkward because hello they're going out just for an end game of sex and him giving her the ride of her life. And it was quite the ride! Big boy is...packing and he pretty much knows how to work his thing. She's a little naive sex-wise but it was working for her and endearing/funny especially coupled with his reactions. Good times all around complete with a sweet grand gesture that would just make a girl swoon.
Press Any Key
Jared and Candy--Lord help em but they have a hippy dippy boss that's all about the love and tired of their frosty attitudes towards each other. They're mucking up the feng shui of his office dammit! and throwing off the harmony! His solution...lock them in an office for e-couples counseling and not letting them out until they've got their certificate of completion. Mmmhmm.

And oh the questions the e-form asks! You know...favorite way to be touched by their to guides for steamy bubble baths...and oh it heats these two up right good! Not hard seeing they've both been lusting after each other for weeks and avoiding each other like the plague because of it. I liked these two. They were fun and  a little awkward in a good way. Candy knows what she wants and she wants this man and isn't above a little suggestive desk leaning to get his attention. There was a surprising bit of depth to both of them and some naughty office play that almost gets them caught. One thing I really loved (and this was common in all of the novellas) was that the heroes totally thought their heroines were the hottest thing out there but they were also hella attracted to their brains and not just the outside packaging which was really important for Candy who typically got noticed just for her looks.
User Friendly
Halley's a caterer and her website has been hacked leaving her birthday suit hawking her wares to everyone in cyberspace sans her panties and running to her best friend Evan who is a computer genius for help. A friend she's been avoiding for a spell since she wants in his boxers bad. Pretty much as badly as he wants in her panties. But neither will do anymore more than tease because they're scared it'll cost them their best friend. 

Gah these two! I loved that they'd known each other for what seemed like ever. There was such a comfort in that and that they knew each other so well. Not always a fab thing for them when they're trying to be all smooth and then remember...yeah I totally threw up on them back in the day. lol These two were sweet and endearing and aws but the awkward that was rocked while they both tried to keep their feelings hidden and failed miserably. It turned out pretty dang sweet and had some real nice heat to it. 

Have you read McCarthy? Have a favorite?
Have you read any good romances with e-tech as a backdrop?
Favorite...lusted forever and finally getting the chance romance?

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