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Quote-tastic/Review-- Some of my favorite people...Nothing Between Us by Roni Loren + bonus story

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Okay so I pretty much loved this book. Review is down below and it's out tomorrow. And it totally made me melt. If you love BDSM or erotic romance....get it. Get it now. lol This scene just kinda made me chuckle at the end. Keats is still trying to figure out where he stands in the whole submissive/dominant thing. Colby's been in the life for a long while, was Keats' teacher years earlier and is a bit older and I just loved his final little line.

Keats blinked. "All I meant--"

Colby held up a hand, halting him. "So if Georgia wanted to tie your hands behind your back, put you on your knees, and demand you make her come, that would turn you off?"

Keats groaned at the image, a twinge of heat sparking low. "Well, fuck, of course it wouldn't. But what guy wouldn't be turned on by that?"

"I wouldn't," Colby said mater-of-factly. "I had to do submissive training in order to be a trainer at The Ranch. I was terrible at it. Couldn't get hard when I wasn't in control."

Keats stiffened, embarrassment and anger mixing into one. "So what? You're saying something's wrong with me?"

"I tell you I couldn't get it up for something, and you think I'm saying something's wrong with you?" Humor sparked in Colby's eyes and a hint of a smile appeared. "Of course not. People who like to be tied up and forced to do things are some of my favorite people."

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Type: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Menage
Heat: 4 our of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh there are not many things better than a Roni Loren book. Holy cow this woman just does me in.
Hot and heavy steamy romances full of make you snort humor, amazing and unique characters....and a little bit of kink to top it all off? Yeah makes for a very happy reader girl.

And Nothing Between Us was Loren in all her kinky fun glory. It was...delightful! It's not the most in your face romantically sweet romance but gah it's a fabulous one none-the-less as neighbors Georgia and Colby finally get together after months of, well, long distance foreplay? See, she's been spying on him and his exploits and he's...been enjoying giving her a damn good show the whole time. Love when those kinks match up like that. And just as things are getting interesting a new arrival--and one from Colby's past--arrives and catches both their interests. Yes. This one's a menage. And a freaking amazing one at that.

So...the players...
  • Georgia--Was awesome. Loren simply writes fabulous women and Georgia was a very interesting one. She's lived the past year isolated and prone to anxiety attacks after a horrible incident where she was stalked and people she loved murdered. She has a hard time being around people or leaving the safety of her house. It was hard seeing her suffer attacks and trying to work through her emotions and fears. She has quite the strength about her though and fought hard every day as the guys help her day by day to work through her past. She's also a dirty girl! Omg she has a fabulously naughty mind and I loved that. She might be vanilla in practice but oh she so had an inner kinky layer and it was delightful watching that come out. Seeing the twinkle in her eye when she had a naughty thought go through her mind about the guys and how she'd surprise them with jumping into things
  • Keatz-- Was the young one and oh he's sexy. He's submissive (with Colby) but had some dominance as well (with Georgia) though he could go submissive with her too. He's 7 years younger than them but had a very hard life and lived on the streets. He's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder at the start and can let the past sneak up on his confidence. He worked hard to get past things and deal with his attraction to Colby--the first and only male he's ever wanted. Tattoo'd sleeves, musician...delicious.
  • Colby--Oh he's such a dom! And a dirty talker. Lord have mercy. The things he could say! I'm way over here and he's making me lose focus and my eyes damn near roll up in my head with the way he can paint a scene. Holy cow yall. Yeah. Naughty dominance just rolls off him and is so damn good. He's stable, a good guy, knows exactly what he wants and likes things dirty and oh he enjoys himself!
The three of them together. Hot damn! They are scorching hot and so blasted fun! Pretty much nothing was off limits. Georgia and Colby, Georgia and Keatz, Colby and Keatz. All three of them in one big sweaty heap of naughty bits. Going completely vanilla or completely kinked out and full of all those lovely letters...bdsm. Yeah. They had me squirming. It was hot as hell seeing them all together. And could be hilarious too. I love that combo. These three enjoyed themselves and had fun together. They could laugh and tease during sex and it really made for a good time.

The romance and really a lot of the sexual bits were  surprisingly slower paced and I really liked that. The sexual tension was there from the start between them all and there were some very heated moments but these three had a lot to work through as a triad and individually and I really liked that they were given the time for them to each come to terms with their wants, with what they were actually doing and for a true menage to develop. Watching them each deal with their own issues with the support that the others offered was incredibly touching and felt very real. You could see these three becoming more intertwined with each other and the connection and bonds growing bit by bit. It never felt forced or out of place. There was no doubt that the three were just meant for each other and complimented each other so well.

Really Nothing Between Us was a lovely romance and everything a menage should be--passionate, playful and powerful. These three had to work for their happily ever after and in the end that made it so worth all of the struggles. There's a little bit of pulse pounding drama that sneaks in from the past and it added a nice little kick to things. Just a fantastic read that was masterfully crafted. There's a fantastic little bonus story as well that was hot and steamy as a submissive footballer and his dominant girlfriend dealt with insecurities and difficulties in their new relationship. And once again Loren just nailed it. No matter the type of relationship or the experience of the couple Loren easily pulls me in and holds me captive. It's amazing watching the stories unfold and the characters grow into the people they were meant to be. 


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