Thursday, August 25, 2016

3 stars-- Cody's Come Home by Mary Sullivan

Cody's Come Home started off very strong for me. It was action packed and had me anxious as the heroine found herself in desperate straights--not only being chased through the woods and shot at but injuring herself and being trapped in the woods overnight. I was all in and captivated especially after a childhood friend, who'd just come back home, becomes her rescuer and defender against someone who is clearly out to harm her. But things puttered out for me a bit in the end.

Cody and Aiyana are both broken and struggling after failed marriages and in Cody's case losing his young son as well and they've come home to recoup. I liked them as characters for the most part. He's protective and has a broken heart. She's determined to get her independence back. The romance was slow going with just a little heat happening but I liked watching them heal and slowly come together.

The mystery was fairly obvious but that was okay. My big issue came in with the heroine becoming more and more TSTL as things went on. If someone is shooting at/threatening you...STOP going out in the middle of no where and saying oh you'll be fine. You're safe. No. NO YOU ARENT! You stay your ass home, lady. This is what dropped the rating so much for me. It got real old.

The writing was decent and pulled me along though it did feel dated in places despite being written recently--like the hero's dad ejaculating at the kitchen table and, yeah, it wasn't used in a dirty/naughty way. lol Overall, I didn't hate it but it also didn't inspire me to grab up any more from the author. I may at some point but no driving need right yet. My favorite part ended up being their two families which were loving and supportive. That's nice to see in a romance.

Bad choices have dominated Cody Jordan’s life since leaving home ten years ago. Grieving a broken marriage and the death of his baby, he’s back in his hometown of Accord, looking for redemption and a fresh start.

Old friend Aiyana Pearce and her little girl are a breath
 of fresh air. Aiyana quickly steals his heart. Being with her reminds him of the man he once was and could be again. Cody’s not ready for a relationship, though—not yet. But when a threat to Aiyana’s life resurfaces, putting his heart on the line is the least of his worries.

Challenges: New to You (author) | Goodreads

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