Saturday, August 6, 2016

Meet the Herd: Jeremy (the #HerdBoy)

The herd. I get asked about the herd...often. So I figured I'd let them hijack the blog now and again and them tell you all about themselves. They're characters for sure. Anywho. Today...the herd boy.

Name: Jeremy Princeton Cade

Nicknames: Jer, Jerm, HerdBoy

Age: 12 and a quarter

Color: Brown Tabby

Favorite Things:

-- Biting my siblings
-- Pulling Mom's hair
-- frisking wild man style

Things I Hate:

-- Getting stuck between the door and the storm door.
How it All Began:
So. Way back when when mom just had a couple kitties Piedmont escaped. And mom went looking for him and instead of finding him she started an animal rescue and I was one of the first babies she pulled from the shelter. I was there with my sister and two brothers. Mom thought we were the cutest little things and home we went. And home I stayed.
My Quirks:
I like to pet people. And hair. And being silly. I'm also real good at getting litter...everywhere!
My Naughtiest Moment:
Okay. So. I like to bite the girls. It's so fun to see them squeal! Mom is always on my case about it but I just can't resist!
Tell Us About You!

HimynameisJeremy!!!!I'm the her--
Jeremy. Slow down, hun. They can't understand you.
*takes a huge breath* Hi. My naaaaaame iiiiis Jeerremmmmy *looks over at mom*
*gives him a look back*
*smirky little cat grin* Heh I'm the #HerdBoy! Woohoo!! Okay. So I'm not the ONLY #HerdBoy but I'm the original. Original. Best. Potato potahto. 

I'm twelve years old (and a quarter) but mom says I still act like I'm a kitten. I go all wild man and frisk'n and chirping and dashing about. Sometimes I just need to get it outta me, ya knows?

I get the full name treatment... a lot. Usually for helping mom, erm, comb her hair. I would never. ever. never pull it. I swears. *gives a wide eyed innocent look about the room* Okay. And sometimes for petting her back. I maybe might sometimes reach out and give a little pet and make her squeal too. Something about claws and be careful and all that nonsense. I'm just tryin' ta be sweet. smh

I like to read with my mama. Books just taste so good! I agree with BabyG. Not enough kittehs in books. Not nearly enough.

Hmmms what else. I have magnificent whiskers. I love to snuggle. I maybe have a tendency to fall off things. I just get to movin' too quick and then I'm on the floor somehow. It's so weird! I think that's it for now. You can bask in my glorious self now. *nods*




Other Herd Babes...coming soon!

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