Friday, August 12, 2016

Thoughts from a Reader-Girl: Orgasms for the WIN! But seriously...let me eat my damn cake!

Orgasms! Yay orgasms but seriously, yall. I got other shit to do!

I was thinking the other day about all these characters and the orgasms. The endless orgasms.

And how they manage to get anything done. At all! lol
I'm not even talking erotic romances but just regular ol' characters.


They're bopping from dinner until dawn and then going to work on like an hour sleep. 

But not before a quick shag in the shower.
Or up against the counter because omelets can wait!

Phone sex while at work.

Then hitting the floor as soon as they walk in the door.
Or in the car if they can't quite make it home in time.
Dude. There's a LOT of car sex happening.

Maybe a little making of dinner.

But damn if they make it through before they gotta pounce each other again.

rinse and repeat every damn day.

And I'm like looking around going...

when the hell do they find time to read?!

And I fucking like to sleep, yall.
I get real bitchy if I don't get my sleep or a nap at the very least but they're just fucking right through all the sleep! I can be dealt with sans-orgasms but sans-sleep? Watch the fuck out. lol

Then there's the whole "I'm hungry...but not for food"

and it usually interrupts dessert because they'd rather have a different type of dessert 

*eye waggle*

And I'm best step the fuck back, buddy. 

I'm gonna eat my damn cake!

Then the orgasms can commence again.

Cake trumps penis, though. I'm sorry. It just does. 
Especially if that penis has just had a good fondle.

But really...cake. Nope. Cake comes first.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But I got other shit to do, yall. lol

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