Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Monthly Herd--August--Flooring, Power Washers & Birthdays

August is OVER! There was a lot happening here this month and I'm way behind on visiting blogs so some of yall are gonna get comment bombed shortly. lol

So. Right after I got home last month from Florida I started house projects. Namely...putting in new floors...on my own. And it was supposed to be somewhat easy but turned out to be evil flooring from hell! And my battle against the floor began...and continues. lol It's getting there though. I've also been playing with a power washer for the first time ever and taking it to the property which I've owned for 15ish years. So it's been exhausting but good :D

The blog...blogged. Lots of reviews, lots of discussions. Some yummy food. It was a good time. And a handful of event sign ups went up...they're down below.

In other news. Hm. I went to my first Deaf Night Out which was a lot of fun but scary, too. Thankfully a few friends went. Our sign language class had been canceled for the next segment which was a major bummer but it was nice seeing them there. It was a good time other than one lady who decided to start some political rants and made things really uncomfortable for a while. I also had a birthday Monday *flails* and am feeling every one of my 34 years lol I blame the flooring and power washer for a lot of that. That's all for August I think :D Oh. And I caught my Opossum again. Twice. He's now been named Joe. Ahhh and the cats got penis catnip toys. It was awesome. 

Three events coming up in October! All are open to bloggers or authors. Click through for more info!

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