Saturday, October 22, 2016

In My Cart-- Hello Fresh Food Delivery Box

Once a month I like to share some of the new products I've tried out. This month I tried Hello Fresh. One of the bloggers I know, Angela, has been using them for a while and offered me a trial discount so I jumped on it. Here's what I thought!

I really liked this, yall. I wasn't totally sure what to expect but they had a veggie subscription so I figured I'd try it out. I had a 30 pound box delivered that contained a TON of ice packs plus three boxes inside. Each box inside was it's own recipe. Things were still cold on delivery and nicely padded.

Inside each box is the exact ingredients you'll need for the recipe.
So if you need 2 eggs, 1T basil, half a cup of'll get exactly that.

I thought I'd share really quick about the recipes I received in my first box.
Some a hit. Some not quite for me.

Spicy Shakshuka

The Yay: I haven't cooked much with chickpeas so I liked that as a base. I'll be doing something similar with chickpeas and tomato for sure. The feta was interesting, too. I've actually never had feta. Or not that I can remember.

The Nay: I'm off eggs right now so that was a hard edition. I'm also not a huge spicy heat fan. So I only added half of the heat and still. Erg.

Final Thoughts: I think for the right person this would be alright. It just wasn't for me flavor or heat-wise. Plus the egg. This is a recipe I would have skipped though it did give me ideas for future meals and I was glad to have tried feta cheese. So not a bad thing.

Crispy Sunchokes & Quinoa Salad

The Yay: Very easy! Lots of new-to-me ingredients: Sunchokes (the white slices which are related to sunflowers and look like ginger when whole), Kale, Quinoa (the grains). I liked the base of quinoa and the combination of savory with the cranberries you sprinkle on top at the end.

The Nay: Mint is kinda iffy for me in savory dishes. And the sunchokes took a little getting used to flavor-wise. I didn't hate them. But you know, new flavor so kinda strange at first. lol

Final Thoughts: I'll SO do this again! I think I might trade the sunchokes out for something else but I really liked the base. And I'm no longer intimidated by quinoa! This will be a Tasty Delight in the near future. Total food-win!

Jamie's Aloo Gobhi w/ Fluffy Rice & Yogurt
The Yay: Potatoes. Cauliflower. Rice. Lemon. Love them all. This one was a little more hands on than the other two recipes but it was still very easy to make.

The Nay: Coconut and cilantro. So I left those out because I can't stand either of them in my food. So my end result tasted a little different that the original recipe. The recipe itself wasn't always perfectly clear but worked okay in the end.

Final Thoughts: I'll admit this one made me nervous. Indian food isn't my favorite typically. But oh my goodness. It was tasty! I think it was my favorite of the trio. Warm comfort food with the potatoes, cauliflower and rice but a little tartness from the yogurt and lemon. It smelled amazing, too! I'm not sure what else would go with this but I'd like it not for the full meal but shared with something else. Some research will be needed. Oh and this will be a Tasty Delight in the near future.

All in all, yeah. I'm liking this. I had a really great first experience with Hello Fresh. The company was easy to work with, ingredients fresh and delivered nicely packaged. They allow you to skip weeks if need be which I'll definitely do in the future when certain ingredients pop up-- mushrooms, eggs, cilantro (I was a day late to put this box on hold) but other than that I'll keep playing, I think. The price was acceptable for the amount of food, quality, and just the fun of trying something different. Ingredients were fresh and easily labeled. I liked that there was very little food waste since they send you the exact amount you need of everything or very near that. While I didn't LOVE every dish it was still really fun trying them out plus I got to experience a good number of new to me food items. And so far each dish gave me something fun to build on idea-wise which is awesome and a win in my book.

If you'd like to try it out jump over to their site. If you use this code (P7PH55C) you can get $40 off your first box (I get a discount as well). They have a meat lovers version, a veggie lovers version and a family box as well.

*****ETA 11/4: My second box arrived damaged. Their was a yogurt in the box that ripped open and got on everything. Such a mess! I emailed them at 1120PM and had a reply and $30 credit within 15 minutes. I was pleased with the transaction and their help.

Do you use a food delivery service? 
What did you think of them?


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