Monday, October 31, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- October-- snow plows, zombies, firemen & a new addition

October was a long month, yall. I'm pretty exhausted from it and ready for 2017 because, seriously, 2016? GTFO. What the hell with all this? Ease up!

So my sad first since I don't wanna focus on it too much but I use these posts to keep a reminder. The start of the month I lost my herd eldest after 2 years of fighting cancer. She was a trooper and the best kitty. And then we had a hurricane. It made for a brutal start to October.

But. I decided to fight depression. I set out to keep busy so I wouldn't think and helped. I'm still heart hurt over losing Sierra but I was able to keep from totally falling apart and have actually been enjoying myself the last two weeks in my adventures...

And, yes, that's a snow North Carolina... in October.
Ha! Yeah, our town is CRAZY serious about winter preparedness and had a #SnowRodeo where all their winter crew did winter drills for a couple days. I passed 7 snow plows on my trip to the grocery store and home. Brine trucks were out, too, but just spreading water. lol

So the good in October. I kept cleaning and purging and that's been good.

  • Blog Ahead began and ended. Whew! I kicked it's ass and have almost 70 posts scheduled (all the way to April!). 
  • and landed in FB jail over a naughty pic. Which they then told my mother about! OMG FB! NARC! That was an awkward convo. lol The pic wasn't even THAT naughty. Impressive, yes. But srsly, FB? 

And got a new addition to the herd. Yall that aren't in the FB Addi. She was part of my rescue as a kitten and her family just abandoned her this past weekend. They suck. We hate them and hope they get crabs. But Addi is safe and doing well and heading to the vet Wed for a checkup.

And I think that's it for October. Whew! On to November which is kicking off with... giant inflatable rabbits.

LAST CHANCE to enter the Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween giveaway. It ends TOMORROW!

Ahhh! A new feature! I'm wanting to get back into crafting and since the herd always helps...Crafting with Kitties. First up was a cross stitch :)

If you're doing one of our reading challenges. The quarterly link ups are open.

Another new feature! This is me...rebooting. (week 1 | week 2)

2017 Reading Challenge sign ups will open in November!

A very light reading month. With all that happened early on I've just been...not in a rut exactly but reading very very slowly. 1-2 books a week max. Thank goodness for some blogging ahead keeping the blog going! 

Total Reviews: 11
New to Me Authors: 5
Favorite Read: A Study in Scarlet Women
Towards Challenges: 11

Guest Post w/ Celia Breslin
(if you're looking for something halloween-ish to watch today check this out!)

Guest Post w/ Liv Rancourt
(her favorite m/m vampires!)


A good-bye from Sierra

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