Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Kitty mom, Plant mom, & an Unfortunate Turn

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

It's been a roller coaster this past couple weeks. Some really awesome stuff, some cute, some heartbreaking. This is that in photos.

Yup. *nods slowly* Only possible place to nap in the house is the dust pan.
#ItsTheMo #livingwithcats

Mail pretties for me and the herd. Woo!

When your book weighs nearly as much as the cat. LOL

Amazon: Crimson Death

New quilt! Yes, I have a blanket addiction! And CassidyCat who's lived here for 10 years and still won't let me pet her.

It was pretty. And at the register. And on sale. I couldn't help myself. *hangs head* I'm a sucker.

#impulse #sucker #pretty #flowers #love #needssupervision

[Update: I am a BAD plant mom! Only a week and the poor thing is already're killing me! KILLING ME!!!]

I went out of town yesterday to meet an author friend. 
I might have taken a wrong turn. Lol
#goingplaces #waitwhat #lost #naughtyfinds #bloggeronthego #gentlemensclub

Friday was long. It's hard being a herd babe. 
#catnap #thatface #snootsarecute

I couldn't stop myself. *flails and squees*
#mypretties #planneraddict #2017 #officesupplies #junkie #noshame

My first addition to 2017. Yes. 2017! *gasp* Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis. It was such a fun read and already reviewed and scheduled. Spots!
#boggles #bookblogger #planneraddict #2017 #blogahead2016 #KickingAssTakingNames

Veggie love.
#vegetarian #thingsthatgrow #socool #IknewWhatItWasBecauseOfGilmoreGirls

(this was turned into balsamic roasted brussels sprouts)

Sierra and I had one last adventure this morning. It started out quiet with a little pizza for me and a little tuna bisque for her. We read and had some pets. And played a last game of laser pointer. She caught her dot then took a rest. We walked around the yard and smelled the last of the roses and let the breeze brush up against us. Then a car ride where she sat in my arms and watched the cars go by and the trees sway in the wind. We had a little walk at the vet and gave the dogs at the daycare a big thrill! And she just gave her haughty glare. Then surrounded by love, purring, and getting her cheeks pet just how she likes our little girl slipped away. The last of the original herd and a piece of my heart with her. #mybestgirl #myheart #seniorpets #loss #thatface #heartbroken #sayinggoodbye

I have amazing friends. Kelly sent me this gorgeous, classy, delicious care package and made me cry. Then made me laugh for the first time this week when I saw the note on the *outside* of the package. Fuck 2016, indeed. Wonder what the mail lady thought. lol thankful for a good friend today. It means the world.
#chocolate #myfriends #carepackage #sothankful #mail #thebest #thank-you

I won't even lie. I spent like 4 days pretty much living off chocolate after Sierra. This was a life saver.

I needed to not be home for a little while and went to Luke's. I was kinda disappointed by it but still got to go to Lukes. They really only did the sign and then had cups that said Gilmore Girls. I thought (from what they'd advertised) that they were really turning the stores into Lukes. Like tables and decorations. But nope. Just sign and cups.

Matthew? Maybe? It's been like 3 days since the rain started here so who knows. May be the begging of things. It looks like nighttime out my back windows but a bit lighter out the front and whew the rain is heavy. We've started getting flash flood alerts. Ergs. Hope everyone is safe and dry!
#hurricane #rain #matthew

(yeah, this was Matthew not the other front. holy cow the rain. We had like 9 inches, lots of flooding just south of us)

And then the rain stopped.
It was a beautiful day in Cary the day after the hurricane. It was a long week with Sierra and Matthew coming through. I so needed the sunshine and fresh air. It felt rather healing.

I'm doing okay, yall. The hurricane helped keep me from falling into the loss of Sierra. It was scary but kept me occupied and I'm thankful for that in a weird way.

Woke up this morning to this little view on the pillow next to me. <3 She makes the hardest days a little better.
#BabyG #myheart #theherd #sleep #thatface #snootsarecute #kitty #kittypaws

#BabyG and her new reads...
#MyCatReadsSmut #covergasm

Amazon: Hard Hitter | Looking Inside

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