Sunday, October 23, 2016

Life Reboot--Week1

I'm working on a "life reboot" at the moment. I'm not unhappy with my life but I've definitely been in a rut the last few years. Let a lot of things slip on the home and personal front. And I'm trying to change that. Trying to get out of my ruts, get stuff done that needs doing, and have fun, too.

I talked about this in the facebook group last week but decided to make it a weekly feature here as well and document some of my adventures--like checking out an Art Deco car exhibit or visiting our local fire stations. I'm going to post Sunday evenings with highlights and plans. Yall are more than welcome to hit the comments and share things you'd like to tackle this week (big or small), Kinda have a cheering each other on thing going :D Or make up blog posts if you're so inclined.

I'm one week in and it went really great. I'm feeling good and motivated and happy, yall. Not that I wasn't okay before but I've been in a rut then with Sierra my heart just hurt. I wanted to get out of that and keep busy and I'm having a good time with it.

Last week my original goals were to...

➜ Try 2 new things. Big or small.
  1. Aloo Gobhi. This was good. I've never had it let alone made it on my own. Indian food isn't my favorite. But I had fun trying this out and ended up really liking the end result!
  2. Hazelnut Cafe Frappe-- I so don't drink coffee. Only way I like coffee is in ice cream form or candles. lol But for some reason at the grocery store I decided I NEEDED this drink. So I got it and turned out...not bad. Enough milk, sugar and hazelnut apparently did the trick! Had a good heap of protein in it as well which was a bonus!
➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town
I kept it close to home. We have a greenway that cuts through our neighborhood that I've never gone down despite living here like 13 years. So I went. It was about 5500 steps from home there and back. Way longer than I typically walk at once. But it was nice. The lake at the end of it was beautiful (I've been there before but never walked). There were cute dogs and hot men running. I met a potential new friend to do things with around Cary which would be awesome. I'm thinking I might take my breakfast to the park once a week. Walk there and eat at the lake then head home. It'll be cooler then and I think I'd do better. I was wiped out when I got home but a good wiped out. lol (more pics)

➜ Get my step goal 5 of 7 days (I've been terrible on this lately)
Oh my gosh. Nope. I had one big day and then I hurt! Too sore to push it. I need to work up my step count again. Whew.
➜ Blog Ahead--2 weeks left to go in the challenge. I'm up to 63 scheduled.
Yes! I'm doing good. The challenge is almost over and I'm up to 60+ scheduled posts (started at 19). I've got posts scheduled into April 2017!
➜ Finally finish my bedroom floor. I seriously would like my room back.
I'm doing this right now! I had to backtrack to fix some boards but it's happening. Woohoo!
➜ Read a really good book (or two)
I managed three books this week. I've been reading REALLY slow lately so was happy with that. They were all pretty fun, too.
➜ Finish painting my front planters and plant them for fall.
This was a much needed re-do. It's been years since I really paid attention to my planters. So everything was dumped out of them, they were painted vibrant blue or gold, then repotted. 
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO)
This is going good. I'm doing 5 items a day. They can be huge items or small things. I got rid of some office supplies, a craft project I was never gonna do, some kitchen utensils. Filled an entire storage bin to give away. Woohoo! 

Plans for this next week? A lot of the same...
➜ Try something new. Big or small.
➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town
➜ Get my step goal 5 of 7 days
➜ Blog Ahead (last week!)
➜ Finally finish my bedroom floor.
➜ Read a really good book
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO)

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