Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Meet the Herd-- SierraCat

Saying good-bye.

Name: Sierra Xavier

Nicknames: Sher, SherBear, SierraCat

Age: 15.5 years

Color: Torti

Favorite Things:

-- Nibbling my mom
-- Tuna Bisque
-- My mouse laser pointer

Things I Hate:

-- Strangers
-- Being ignored. 
How it All Began: 
Many years ago I needed a home. I don't really remember how I ended up there but I found myself sitting at Petsmart in a little cage with my siblings. And, yall, they were rowdy siblings and I was NOT feeling it. So I slunk away to the back of the cage so I could have some room. There was just too much touching and then all the humans. Blergs! But mom saw me and said...that's the one! There might have been murmurs of a shy baby and how pretty. *fluffs her whiskers* And then I was scooped up and off we went to our new home and my new sibling Elijah who was just a little older than me and needing a best friend.
My Quirks:
I may have a tendency to nibble. I think it's totally justified. Ignoring me? Pffft! Human? Think again! Elbows make for nice nibbles at case anyone was wondering. Mom says I stare, too. And it maybe sometimes freaks her out when I sit on her hip and she wakes up with me watching her. Again...totally justified...I was being ignored!!!!
My Naughtiest Moment:
*haughty glare* I would never! I'm the eldest herd babe. I'm perfect.

I'm leaving my mom soon. I've had a good long life with my mom. 15 years. It seems like only yesterday. But the last couple of weeks have been hard and mom's been very sad. I've spent a long time watching over her and before I go I wanted to leave her some happy memories. I wanted her to smile and think of all those good days we had together. And there were a lot of good days.

Like all of the trips from NC to FL we used to go on. I just loved that time with mom and Elijah and eventually the herd pup Zack and getting to go in the car. I'd get up in the back window and sprawl out and watch all the cars going by. Okay, so, yes. Maybe she's right about the whole staring thing. I just like to observe is all. Mmhm.

There were lots of treats and playing laser pointer over the years. I used to be a fierce laser pointer hunter and as I got older mom slowed it down a little for me and made sure the young whipper snappers gave me space to play too. Feather toys and even fancy dresses. I secretly totally loved the party dresses mom made us wear now and again. Mom always joked it would be just her luck for an emergency to happen and firemen show up to a whole house of kitties in ball gowns. But really firemen love the kitties, right? I think we could have made it work. *nods*
I hope my mom will remember the nibbles. I know I could be a pest some times but nibbles are love, people. Nibbles. Are. Love. And it always led to late night pets and snuggles. I never let on but I totally heard the laughter in mom's voice when she gave me the full name treatment over them. 

I enjoyed our dinner chats, too. I'd yowl. Mom would bring the feast. It was a good time. So were the nose rubs and lounging around reading. Yes. I am a cat that reads smut! Really life can't get much better than tasty treats, snuggles and good reads.
The next few days will be sad, I know. Hopefully the rest of the herd will look after mom until the days get easier and the good memories return. I'll miss mom something fierce but I'll be okay. I hope she knows that. And how much I loved being her girl. 

Meet the herd...

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