Thursday, February 16, 2017

4 stars-- Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence #1) by Nicole Edwards

Well hello there! Now that was a sexy read! I read this one back in 2014 and it's been sitting in my blog files all this time. *flails* Figured it was about time to post it, yeah? Kaleb was a damn fun read as best friends Zoey and Kaleb--who have totally and secretly pined for each other for most their lives but stayed strictly in the friend's zone-- find themselves maybe not quite in that friend zone anymore. *squee*

The two were so blasted cute together! I always adore the friends-to-lovers romances. It's just, I don't know. It makes me smile. I love that they know each other so well in some ways but not in others. That exciting transition that can be so horrifyingly awkward and then the bone melting bliss once everything falls into place. It's just so sweet! And totally turns me all girly. lol And it was fabulous watching these two figure it out.
Zoey sipped her tea, sat the glass back on the coaster before sliding her hand down the glass to wipe the condensation away. Kaleb had a sudden longing to be that fucking glass.
Kaleb was one sexy beast of a man. He was so in to Zoey it was kind of adorable. He's just a good guy and did I mention sexy as hell? Well, bares repeating. And Zoey was pretty great too. She did have some little freak outs I didn't quite understand but other than that was solid. She was all in for experiencing new things and exploring which I loved. I'd totally be her friend in real life, too!

And chemistry...incredible. These two had such a great dynamic from being best friends for so long. You could just feel how close they were and I loved that. And the sex scenes... were fantastic. These two have a real good time getting to know each other a little better and on occasion bringing in their long time buddy Cage in to have a spot of fun too. Daaaaayum! *fans self* Yes, that was definitely working for me. These guys have played together often so they work real nice as a team *winks* I did think it was kinda funny seeing Kaleb fret about his "darker needs" so often. He's really not all that kinked out just likes things a little hard and sometimes in multiples. But, really, who doesn't? lol

All in all, my first go with Edwards was definitely a hit. I really enjoyed the best friends to lovers romance happening, the lightly naughty lovin' and getting to know Kaleb's uber sexy and oh-so-large family. There wasn't too much outside of their long term relationship, negotiations about the land and the sexy times happening but it was nicely done and totally hot if you're looking for a smexed out read. The ending definitely had me antsy to pick up book two and see what happens with his brother Zane.
The blurb is ridiculously long so I'm just linking to it instead of pasting it in...

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