Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- February-- A damn fast month!

And another month down! Things went well with the herd this month. House projects got knocked out, had my first shift at the USO this year, did some designing, did some planning, got rid of things, snuggled the herd, read a lot of books. Honestly can't complain. It was really nice to have just an easy month for once. The past year...that's been a rarity. So I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Oh oh! I did have things happen. lol I went to a book signing! Ilona Andres (both of them) and Eloisa James came to Cary.
It was a great time. They're all hilarious. And I got to meet up with blogger friends Sharon from I Smell Sheep and Ro from In the Know with Ro. Good time all around.

And I did some major changes to my planner! So I've had a store bought one since ever but decided this years wasn't quite right for me. Not bad but I could do better. So... I designed my own! I set up weekly and monthly pages. The neat thing is all the stickers/tags I'd usually have to print out individually will just a part of the original page that prints. Pretty cool and I can easily change each week's color scheme. Here's a pic of the base page with nothing added to it. And then with washi tape added in. This will save me SO much time prepping for the week since normally every bit of color would be an added sticker.

Full list of goals: HERE


I knocked another Blogger Shame book off the list. *pumps fist* I'm aiming for one a month and so far so good!

Tried more recipes: Pierogi Lasagna, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Chickpea Tacos plus I tried Jackfruit BBQ for the first time. Not a recipe but just a product but I felt so...daring! lol

My motto for the year is Less Is More.

I've been rocking this. Got rid of a TON of stuff this month. It's nice to downsize.
I've been more careful about who I accept as friends on social media and let a few go as well. Again, mostly people I really didn't know and that just cluttered the feed.

Starting TOMORROW! Blog Ahead Mini #1 of the year.
Bloggers/Authors that blog! You can still join in! This is a great way to get ahead with your blogging and rack up a bunch of scheduled posts.


It turned out to be a rather light review month.
Total Reviews: 12
New to Me Authors: 5
Favorite Read: Exclusively Yours (but they were all real nice)
Towards Challenges: 9



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