Friday, February 10, 2017

Gimme! Things I Want To See More of in 2017 Books!!

I love to read. Obviously lol And I was thinking recently what I wish I could read more of. Soooo here's what I'm gonna need, 2017. Get on it. lol

I'd love more Single Daddies
Goodness there's just something about them. They totally grab my heart.

Heroes with cats!
Seriously! Heroes with cats! They almost always get dogs.
So cliche! So overdone! ::snort::
Give us some Cat Men, please!

Characters that love to read!
Really this should be a given.
Bookish characters are freaking awesome.
Why aren't there more bookworm heroes and heroines?!
We need more bookish heroes and heroines who like to pet books and maybe give them a surreptitious sniff.

Maybe some naughty reading that leads to, erm, more naughty things?

fun condoms
PLEASE!!! Yall know I love condoms in my romance.
We've talked about this. lol
The Clap is not sexy!
They don't have to be boring.
Gimme some glow in the dark condoms. Seriously. All bobbing along all glow in the dark.
Or bright blue!
Need ideas? Stop over at our condom post!

and naughty toys
I love when they whip out some toys!
Give em some sexy variety. Bring on the heat (and sometimes humor!)
Group play or rocking those vibes on their own.
Heroes with a little love sleeve.

omg. seriously. Ladies. Yall need to up your cock game.
See THIS post.

And darn it I can't add the photos here but check out our NSFW Tumblr page and scroll. You'll find a few of my favorite decorated cocks...

Glasses are sexy!
There are just not enough speckled heroes and heroines.
yall. I get so excited when I finally find one.
And not just that switch them out for contacts.

I LOVE finding vegetarian heroes or heroines.
we're seriously under-represented.

Sooo. That's what I'd like to find more of in my 2017 reads.
Anyone wanna write me a book? lol

Oh and next week be sure to check back for my list of bookish things that need to die a fiery death in 2017! lol

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