Thursday, February 23, 2017

Audio Files-- Love in a Nutshell & The Husband List by Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly

I've been on a Janet Evanovich binge- listen lately and having a lot of fun with them. This time it was two books featuring heroes that were brewers--one present day and one historical.

Love in a Nutshell (Culhane Family #1)

This was cute! I was needing a new audio and Love in a Nutshell hit the spot.
It was a fun set up with a brewery owner and his new employee tracking down the person who had been sabotaging his business.

I liked both Kate and Matt and enjoyed them working together. Some quirky bits added in with her new home needing lots of repairs, a couple cute dogs, some laugh out loud moments, learning about the brewery and how the business ran. There were a number of attacks against his business that kept things lively. Plus some yummy tension. Things heat up a couple times but it's kept fairly pg. I had a great time with these two and would have loved seeing more books featuring them. 

I loved Lorelei King for this one. As usual she had great pacing and quickly pulled me into the story. I was trying to find more things to clean around the house so I could keep listening. Ha! I liked her male voices, as well. That's usually iffy for me but she really does a great job with them. She's quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite audiobook narrators. 

The Husband List (Culhane Family #2)

Whew. The Husband List took me a little by surprise. I wasn't expecting a jump back 100+ years to the ancestors of hero #1 who was also a brewer. So there was a lot of adjustment early on. I never totally got in sync with the story and it dragged a bit I think because of that. I still had fun watching Caroline try to keep her brothers best friend Jack from knowing she was in love with him, though. The two were entertaining together and just nice characters. I especially loved the wild streak in Caroline. She was expected to be so proper and she could pull that off but then would sneak a little wild on the side when no one was looking. There was a bit of dark suspense concerning her mother's match making and the man she wanted Caroline to marry as well.

Again with Lorelei King. She's just fantastic, yall. The male voices. Excellent. I think she's the first female narrator that didn't give me even a little pause over the male voices. She does a great job of making the characters sound unique, too. Different ages and accents are all very nicely done.


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