Saturday, January 13, 2018

In My Cart-- Degusta Box #3-- Food Noms!

I LOVE trying new things. A while back Mary over at Dark Thoughts shared about Degusta boxes. I was like yes, yes, I need to check this out!

Once a month they send a box of random goodies to try. From candy to sauces to cookies and pasta. It's rather fun seeing what they'll include. Here's what I thought about my June box!

Some of these were REALLY good. One...omg not.

I was skeptical of the Waffle Things. Quinoa? Really?
But they were really good!
Very crunchy and not overly sweet. I'd have em again.
The herd mice liked them, too.

These were different! I didn't hate em!
They have a nice crunch and while I wouldn't grab them just for a snack they were good for adding a bit of crunch to a meal.

Crisp & Thins! I like these. I'd have the vinegar version and really liked the Cream Cheese & Onion version. Flaky crispy cracker. Nice flavor.
There were 2 bags in the box.

OMG yall! I ate the hell outta these little mini apple pies.
Healthy Anna be damned. I was all over them.
They were so good!
Very sweet and not huge (they are the mini versions after all) but tasty and just the right size for a snack an not getting too overly sweeted out.
I want another box...BAD. lol

So. Ketchup is my favorite food. I won't even lie.
So I was excited to see this even though it was a sample size.
And this was really good ketchup!
Rich and with a nice tang to it.
It's bit out of my ketchup price range, though, but I'd be tempted.

These were a HUGE fucking NOPE!
Nope nope nope.
They were awful!
Easy to make and at first bite you're like... okay.
But the aftertaste.
I ate half of one (slathered in butter to choke it down) and tossed the rest.

I didn't hate em!
I had the Goji Berry version. I don't know that I'd ever buy them for myself but if they were there and I was hungry I'd probably nosh. They just didn't have a lot of flavor but other than that they were fine. I like the packaging.

I still plan on trying these. I just haven't been in a BBQ mood.
GoChuJang BBQ sauce (Website)
Viter Energy mints (Website)

I was actually excited for these then saw the flavor.
A full size dressing of....cilantro. Nooooooo!
And I'm anti-coconut so nope on my soda.
Both went up to the USO where they'll be used so no waste! 
Briannas Cilantro Lime Dressing (Facebook)
Brooklyn Organics Ginger Ale (Website)

I was pretty happy with the *June* box. Ha! Yeah it took a while to post it here. Ergs! lol
Almost everything was new to me which was fun.
A couple misses but I'm okay with that. I just enjoy the experience.
And a few I'll totally buy now. 

Want to try it out?
If you'd like to try it out you can use my link for $10 off your first box.
So it's only $9.99 Not bad!


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