Sunday, January 21, 2018

Southern Girl vs Winter. Yall.

Yall. I am a Southern Girl. I'm a Southern Girl by choice. I don't do the cold. I don't do it at all. Nope. No ma'am. I mean. Come on. 2 degrees?!! In North Carolina? Wha?!! lol

Since our Blog All About It prompt this month is Winter I thought I'd share some of my Southern Winter with yall...

I actually really love the winter. I grew up in Florida so didn't really have seasons until I came to North Carolina close to 20 years ago for college (yikes! it's been a long time!)

I live in a "small town" that's not really a small town but kind of pretends it is even though there's like 180K people. lol But they do it up cute and it never fails to give me the warm fuzzies.

I mean, seriously. How cute is our down town?!

I'm actually gonna back it up a little bit. Winter and Fall for me kind of smoosh together. And that means leaves. Now. I'll totally bitch about all the leaves I have to rake up-- because seriously nature! damn pansy ass trees--but I secretly love it, too. Our town does leaf pick up once a month from November to January and I LOVE it. You drive through neighborhoods and there are piles of leaves in front of all the houses waiting to be sucked up and there's just something about it that feels a little magical and special even though it's just, well, leaf pick up. Ha! I know. I'm weird. But it means winter and holidays are coming and I love that. It's pretty, too!

Now. I'm not a fan of the cold, being a Florida girl and all. But if it's gonna be cold I want it to DO SOMETHING! Don't just make me be cold and not have anything pretty to look at. It's just hateful mean when it does that. If you're gonna make me whimper with the cold you best deliver something spectacular!

And every once in a while North Carolina does.

Yall. I was so cold! My fingers were all nooooo! We just can't! And my cell was like nope those puppies are so cold I can't even with them. It was bad. Damn thing couldn't register for me to dial or anything. Ughs! I think it was like 17 degrees right then. Up from 2. lol

And, yeah, I totally met the ground 20 seconds into that storm happening. I do not have snow legs, yall. I do not. 

Now one thing I really wasn't ready for when I moved to NC was ice. Holy crap, North Carolina! Yeah. For some reason we usually get ice instead of snow. It's the craziest thing. Everyone around us will have snow but our town...a layer of ice. And that stuff is a bitch! lol I hunker down and stay put with the herd. I sure do. My Floridian ass is not even gonna think about trying to drive on icy roads. Nooope.

I'm gonna stay in and have a mug of Nutella hot chocolate.

And snuggle my baby while wearing my old lady keep all my bits warm pjs. I sure am.

Winter isn't G's favorite time of anything. She often glares at me with her 'why are you making me live where the air hurts my whiskers?!!' look. From the comfort of her electric blanket, of course.

She's a #SouthernCat through and through and doesn't have time for this mess. lol

There's lots of BabyG consoling during the winter.
Especially after weeks like this week.

Because every once in a while North Carolina forgets to be North Carolina and that it has a Florida girl living in it and does this...

And panic ensues because the fuck we supposed to do with this?!
8 inches of snow?!

No. No ma'am. That's just not right. This is the south. Can't be doing that to us. Heh

There are usually daily calls to my mom when this happens. That go along the lines of...

Me: OMG I'm dying! It's so cold. Mom. I can't. It's like 14 degrees. I'm never gonna be warm again. It's trying to kill me!!!

There's always a frenzy of milk and bread shopping because...well people are really weird and those are the things you need when a storm is coming. I can't explain these people. I can't. A rush on the beer aisle? Nope. GIVE ME THAT 2%!!! <--- North Carolinian's are weird about the snow.

But it's kinda fun. Everyone gets all giddy because OMG snow! And we're glued to windows and the news waiting. Just waiting for the snow. Because OMG SNOW!!!!!

And then like 2 days later it's all...

Take it back! Take it back! We didn't mean it!
Because honest to god you are stuck inside for the duration no matter it's 8 inches or 1/4th of an inch because it's the South and we don't know what the fuck we're doing with snow or ice. So you stay in. And slowly go a little crazy. lol

I actually really love the winter. It's beautiful and the crisp air is full of such potential. I'm just not a fan of having to walk in it. Or really go out in it. I like looking at it from inside my nice semi-warm house. Bwahaa 

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