Wednesday, January 17, 2018

InstaWed-- From....December. Yall. I'm Terrible At This.

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

Ha! So, yeah. I was all let me do a catch up InstaWednesday post! Then realized I hadn't done one since...December 6th. Erms. And it was like 69 photos. Hot damn! So today a December catch up and next week a January catch up. Heh


What? What you mean it might snow? Human. Why you doing this to me? #SouthernCats

Yes!! I got me a ScrapBox. And it's still sitting in the driveway a month later. Ugh. It got here super fast and I wasn't ready for it. So it's in a tarp burrito for now.

I Christmased. Turned my tomato cages into Christmas decorations. :)

Yum! Chocolate always makes me happy. Free chocolate? Even better! Got this bag of #godivamasterpieces to try out via influenster and damn! They're delicious. Just had the milk chocolate hazelnut and it might be my new favorite thing. Perfect little treat or morning pick me up.

Made one of my favorite soups tonight. Just squash, onion and broth. Simple but delicious and smells amazing. Made a huge pot for about $1.10.

She sweet. ::snort:: #AddiCat #BabyGsNemesis

Laundry closet project is slowly coming along. Shelves are up at least. Next is replacing the work top and framing in around the washer and dryer.

Quiche! I made a quiche! Well, an eggless one. It was much better this go round. Definitely looks better than the one that came out white! 

Feeling a bit red and a little sassy. I kinda like it. Hmm.

When you open your Christmas box from your mom and are like yeah I see who's loved the most in this household. lol I did get a pretty necklace and the herd got 2 big cat beds they'd already claimed. 

Got a book from mom. And a note: 'page 68 is Gladys'

Yeah. This is her and AddiCat for sure. lol

'Advice from Cats'

Don't End Rivalry
Eliminate Rivals.

At odds with a coworker? Career experts would say that the best way to end office rivalry is to find common ground. But then your rival is still around. So instead make things as unpleasant for your rival as possible. Pounce at them in the hallway. Shove them off their chair. Eat their lunch. Push them out of the bathroom stall so you can use it. Keep claiming territory, keep drawing boundaries, until they learn their place or hide in a different section of the building, coming out only when you nap or leave for a doctor's appointment.

When you're chatting focus words/ phrases for the year and everyone in your group is all proper and professional with their picks -- balance, motivate, focus, thrive, discipline, etc-- and you're over here like...

AHHH those days when you're craving egg salad but you don't... eat eggs. lol Made a mashed avocado and white bean salad on bakery bread with tropical salsa mango salt infused chips on the side. Hit the spot. Nom.

It took like 8,000 days but the deck lights are up and no fuses were blown the second time around. 

I'm loving these Christmas spreads. Ending the year with a bujo bang. lol

When it's cold and rainy you spend the afternoon reading with your mama.

So. I made cornbread...

Must we morning, Human? I'm not with the morning. I'm not.

Back off, Human. There's nothing for you here. #MyCatReadsSmut

Stupid skin. I touched the tree for all of 5 seconds.

BabyG and I received an amazing ARC package from Forever Romance yesterday. (thank you!!) 4 of my favorite authors and one new to me (Erin Kern). So exciting! I'm already diving in.

I love downtown Cary at Christmas. Was driving home and had to stop and take a pic. So wintery. I bundled up then went for a walk around the next day.

Cookies and milk. Noms!
Plus...cookies were free, milk was .49 #couponing #eventhemasonjar

When you realize Santa didn't make you an only kitteh and you have to share the Christmas presents.

Human. Another cat is touching you. Why? Why you lettin' this happen? Not okay, Human. Not okay.

A friend sent me a drawing her dad did years ago. It's on transparent paper and was just black ink. I decided to do a colored background so did a little watercolor and framed it. I'm kind of in love with it.

Alright, Human. You're done here. More important things to do. Like get ng my treats.

I got this amazing bookmark from miss JeepDiva. How adorable is that?!

Helping mom work on her bujo for next year. All this helpin' is exhaustin!

I'm doing a couple reading challenges this year. Decided a fun tracking spread was in order. Using this for my #TrySomethingNew challenge. New authors, series, debuts, etc. I'll color in each book as I read them. I'm totally smitten with this spread.

I got a pack of photos from my mom and this note. This is me my first Christmas when we lived in Munich.

Do we really gotta mornin?

Yum! Breakfast for dinner. What's your favorite?

When your to do list is fancy af. lol Trying to get back into lettering.

I mean. I've only been doing my own laundry for 18 some years. #DamnYouRedBlanket #MyPuppiesArePink #domesticgoddesintraining #TheyreWorseInPerson

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