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4 stars-- The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren #QuoteTastic

I was ALL over this Roni Loren when I saw it. I actually read it back in, erm, August. Yeah.

And it was quite unique. The series connection? Kids who survived a school shooting and are coming back together a decade later.

I have a couple quotes because I just couldn't decide! lol

I just loved Livvy's reaction. I was like... um, yup! Yes, please!
He gazed down at her with hungry eyes and brushed the back of his hand over her breast, sending hot shivers along her skin and bringing her nipple to a tight peak. "You're so goddamned sexy, Livvy. I just want to touch and taste you everywhere. Lick every inch."

Her heartbeat pounded, her body aching to grand him that wish. "Yes. That. Let's do that."
There's also some great friendships starting up between the girls and oh I loved them. They were supportive and hilarious! Gave me a good chuckle.
"You're allowed to have fun. You're allowed to have a fling with an old boyfriend and not feel like it's some big life decision or an unhealthy coping mechanism. Be smart about it, but don't deny yourself some simple life pleasures. Taking your photos. Hanging out with your awesome, amazing, super-wise friends. And hot cop penis."

A real laugh burst out of Liv this time, and she quickly pressed her and over her mouth to staunch it. "He's FBI, for the record."

"Federal cop penis," Kincaid corrected. "That's top shelf. It has authority across state lines."

Liv shook her head. "You're ridiculous."

Woo! A new series from Loren! Yall. The Ones Who Got Away had me excited as all get out and rocking a serious case of reader-girl giddiness. And, of course, it was fantastic. And so very unique!
The Gist: It's been 12 years since a high school shooting and a documentary is being made which brings Livvy and fellow classmates back to their hometown. Something that'll change their lives all over again. In Livvy's case... a summer spent with her high school fling and discovering her passions again.
Fin and Liv are both workaholics with good hearts. You can't help but like them. And want to cheer them on. They had amazing chemistry and lordy it was fun watching them spend weekends together at his lake house as they tackle some unfinished business between the two. Mmhm. There was a sweetness seeing them back together again doing silly things like watching movies and skipping stones but also just being there for each other as they relived the past and fears and ptsd were brought to the surface.

The sex scenes were hot and passionate but not kinky at all. An adjustment since I'm used to Loren wielding floggers, nipple clamps and all kinds of kinky devices. lol But it was still steamy and all kinds of yummy.

The suspense/drama side was different. Hard moments as they dealt with the past and moving on. As well as Fin's work with the FBI and trying to track down the illegal gun suppliers the shooter used from a decade earlier. That...I wasn't sure about realistically. Seems that would be difficult to track at that point but who knows. It did provide a nice background storyline, though.

The Ones Who Got Away kicked off to what promises to be an incredibly unique series. Passionate and moving with just the right balance that kept things from feeling too heavy. I'd expect nothing less from Loren. If you see Loren's name on a book...grab it. You won't be disappointed.
Twelve years ago, tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School. Only a small number of students survived, a group the media dubbed as The Ones Who Got Away.

Now, web designer Liv Arias, along with the rest of the survivors, have returned to the small Texas town to tell their stories for a documentary. Which means Liv seeing former star-athlete and old flame Finn Dorsey. A lot happened between them that night and Liv is ready to end their decade-long riff and move on. But when her attempt at closure turns into a steamy kiss, moving on proves much more difficult than either of them thought...

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