Monday, May 21, 2018

1 stars-- Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars (Rock Canyon, Idaho #2) by Codi Gary

It's not really a good sign when you finish a book and your first thought is "thank fuck this one is finally over" Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars was retched and all because of that supposed "good girl" heroine. Oh and that "rock star" is a country musician.
The Gist: Gemma opted to hide the fact Travis had a kid. For 10 years. An accidental run in in Vegas, though, led to him finding out...but not from her. Oh no. She was going to fuck him for a weekend and then go on with her life with him none the wiser. Even after she accidentally married him she was gonna keep hiding that kid and just get it annulled. 
Yeah, Gemma was just an awful person who needed an entire house with a living room full of fucking horses to fall on and crush her. I hated Gemma with a passion from page one until the very end. She wasn't a strong woman. She was selfish and ridiculous.

The hero, Travis? GOOD GUY! He's kind, compassionate, a good dad, just a good person who is way too patient and understanding. The kid? Total cutie and full of energy. The animals? A-freaking-dorable.

Everyone else? Pond scum. On the heroine's part for not telling him he had a kid for 10 years and giving a half assed apology and idiotic reasoning why she kept them apart. On everyone elses part-- including people who had been his best friends-- for keeping her secret for a decade. I just hated them all.

I didn't believe the romance for a second. The heroine runs whenever she doesn't get her way or is upset/mad/uncertain and for her that's basically her default setting. She plays the victim constantly when SHE's the one who caused everything in the past and present. I had no sympathy for her at all. Believing she'll actually stick it out and not intentionally hurt or cut out the hero again? Pffft yeah right. He's a poor schmuck for believing her for a single second.

Honestly I would have been completely fine if the hero had sued her for custody of their kid and won and then found another woman to raise the kid with. The heroine wasn't even fit to raise a dog or kitten. I'm stunned people actually thought this was a cute read. Really I think that's a huge part of what's wrong in society...women who think this type of behavior is acceptable and makes for a "strong woman".

Gemma Carlson didn't plan on waking up married.

She also didn't count on running into her old flame—and her son's father-turned-country rock star—Travis Bowers, followed by a night of drunken dares. Apparently one of those involved a ring on her finger and a vow … neither of which she intends to keep. Now with a hangover from hell, this good-girl-gone-bad knows there's just one thing to do: run.

Travis has been all over the world, but Gemma has never been far from his thoughts. So when they had the chance to catch up over a few drinks, he didn't hesitate. Of course, he didn't expect it would lead to marriage, or a runaway bride! Travis finally has a second chance and doesn't plan on losing Gemma again—or the son he didn't know he had. He proposes, albeit belatedly, a date. Or rather, a few. If they can make this marriage work by starting over, he stays. If not …

Gemma's not interested; she's got a son to protect and a heart to heal. But having Travis around could make both a little easier. Still, good girls don't date rock stars . . . right?

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