Monday, May 14, 2018

4 stars-- One Night of Scandal (After Hours #2) by Elle Kennedy

Ahhh yes. One Night of Scandal heated things up quite nicely.
The Gist: Reed and Darcy. Well they've found themselves in a scandalous fling after Darcy breaks up with Reed's best friend and, well, they realize they can't be in arms distance of each other without clothes flying. But it's just a fling. They absolutely will not under any circumstances get serious. Just a fling. Just. A. Fling.
Yeah Reed and Darcy. I loved Reed. He's a good guy with a soft heart under that big brawny exterior and having to fight the reputation he earned over the years while growing up. And Darcy. Well she and I had a couple issues because she's a little judgy now and again with all the assuming but overall I liked her, too. She could be a lot of fun and she really cared about her students which was nice to see.
They both went quiet for a second.

“Um.” Darcy fidgeted. “I’d invite you up, but…”

The smartass in him reared his annoying head. “But you’re afraid if I come upstairs you’ll end up ripping my clothes off?”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, aren’t we arrogant?”

“Am I wrong?” He’d meant to voice the question lightly, just a little tease that meant nothing, but the words came out raspy and dead serious.

She faltered, averting her gaze for a beat before shifting it back to his. She looked utterly resigned. “I want to say yes, but I don’t think you are."
The romance? Lordy. Well these two were difficult every step of the way. lol He's had it bad for her for ages. She's been with his best friend but is now single. There's some guilt there even though there really didn't need to be any. She's adamant on just being a fling and not making any attachments because somehow that would be worse...he wants forever and is biding his time. They absolutely lit up a room they were so hot together. Cars, hallways, sheds at the farmers market. Yeah, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. lol

All in all, One Night of Scandal was a blistering hot read. It takes them a while to figure things out and they have some blunders along the way but I enjoyed their romance and especially loved getting to know Reed and some of the sides of him you might not expect at first glance.
Ex-fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend’s girl for months, but he refuses to jeopardize a friendship over a woman—especially one who doesn’t like him all that much. Now that Darcy’s on the market again, it’s even more imperative to stick to his strict hands-off policy. But the sizzling attraction between them is too powerful to ignore, and once he’s had a taste of her…all bets are off.

Darcy Grant is tired of walking the straight and narrow path. She’s on the hunt for passion, and there’s no denying Reed is just the man to give it to her. Although she has no interest in dating a bad boy, and certainly not her ex’s best friend, it’s impossible not to melt beneath Reed’s skillful touch. Now it’s just a matter of setting a few ground rules—and hoping her rule-breaking, sweet-talking bad boy agrees to follow them. But if she lets Reed into her bed, does she stand a chance of keeping him out of her heart?

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