Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Monthly Herd & Organizing

So, yall. May kicked my ass all the way around. I had/have 2 herd babes doing scary medical things. Feeding tubes, panic attacks needing breathing treatments. Multiple vets and emergency vets, surgeries. Its been exhausting physically and emotionally. One is doing better. The other is touch and go critical. So its stressful to say the least. We're hanging in there but seriously yall. 
Then the whole EU thing messing random stuff up.

I'm just a bit tired and have been taking things "off my plate" to ease up the pressure. Skipped the USO and food pantry most of the month. Moved a lot of posts that were scheduled to go live in May to June (will likely move any non time sensitive ones to July, too) so there's less activity on the blog to keep up with.

Again, I'm okay. Hanging in there and dealing with things as they go. I've not fallen apart yet just feeling worn down but making it through the days. Prayers for my girls (Sid and Cleo) would be much appreciated. 

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And I'm cheating on my Blog All About It challenge post because I just cannot get myself to do a separate one. But it's about organizing. Yall know I'm an organizing freak. lol I was going to do one about my craft room but I didn't finish (or even start!) the display for in there. So yall are just getting my current attempt at organizing my week...

It may have taken me until Wednesday to get it together but an attempt was made.

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