Tuesday, May 1, 2018

3/3.5 stars-- Mail Order Cowboy (Gold Valley #1.5) by Maisey Yates

A little time with Yates's cowboys...is always time well spent. I enjoyed Mail Order Cowboy. It was a sweet little novella.
The Gist: Jackson? Well he's an overwhelmed new (single) daddy in need of some help. So he orders himself a nanny. Mmhm. He sure does. And whoboy does that shake things up on the home front.
“For a while I could wear her for a lot of the ranch work I do, but it’s getting harder.” She was staring at him, a perplexed expression on her lovely face. “Yeah,” he said. “I can’t believe those words all just came out of my mouth, either.”
I enjoyed Jackson and Savannah. They're a decent sort and easy to like. Both doing what they can when they find themselves in new situations and starting over-- her leaving her entire life behind after divorce, him finding out he had a baby when it's mom abandoned her on his doorstep.
He held up a bag and she sniffed the air. 

“What did you bring?”

“Burgers,” he said. “From Mustard Seed. I brought regular fries and sweet potato fries. I didn’t know what your philosophical stance was.”

“I will put any french fry in my mouth. All of them. So, I hope that you got two orders of each . Because if you didn’t… I’m still eating them all.”
It was fun seeing them settling into life together in his small cabin. Sorting out feelings and what they wanted. Her taking care of the baby and him getting back to ranch work and coming home to them. It was an easy read but not all that fleshed out. I would have loved to see a bit more of the romance happening and time with the baby. 

All in all, it was a nice, sweet read just fairly light on plot and such. A good time killer, though, if you're waiting for an appointment. 
Jackson Reid is a man fully in control of his world, and his ranch. But when a past one-night stand shows up without warning and leaves him holding a baby, his whole life is turned upside down. He’s in over his head, and he has one solution: a nanny. But when he picks Savannah Sturm up from the airport, he finds that she’s so much more than the “plain and tall” woman she described herself as…

With one glance, Savannah’s new boss makes her feel more than her cheating ex ever did. Jackson insists he can’t do relationships, especially now that his priority is baby Lily. But his “no strings, just sex” offer is irresistible. And as raw desire gives way to something far deeper, maybe it’s Jackson’s turn to learn how right being wrong can feel…
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