Wednesday, May 23, 2018

InstaWed-- Catching Up!

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

Ergs, yeah, it's been a hot minute since I did an InstaWednesday post. So catching up a bit since April. Oops!

*snooze button activated*

Got my tag at the food pantry so I'm official now I guess. lol 

Decided to try something new... Hummus pasta. It was interesting but pretty dang good. A nice winter dish. Very easy to make and filling.

Oh my gosh. Making amazing things on a rainy day. Sweet potato chickpea stew. delicious!

Took a little time out to get ready for the week. I need to get so much done around the house and yard now that it's warmed up a little. 🏠🌳 Lists...will help. lol 😹BabyG was a bit worn out from helping.

Decided to have a quiet Saturday and do a little planning. Monday spring cleaning starts. I'm tackling the kitchen first since I've done a little in it already. Cleaning, purging, organizing, doing some cooking and meal freezing. I'm ready to dive in. 
Plus a pretty tea cup from my friend Angela.

When yous sleepy but wanna read, too, so your mom does it for you.

I still need to mulch but yay! all my things are growing and blooming and survived 3rd, 4th and 5th winter. lol 🌲🌸🏵

And keep blooming!

Human, do we really gotsta Monday? Do we really?

Sometimes life calls for pretty cupcakes. Even better when they're free!

Ready for the week. Another attempt at spring cleaning since things got derailed with the car shopping last week. Lots of catching up to do but I've got a pretty spread and I'm ready to go. lol

When you spot your nemesis *cough* babyG *cough* but yous so comfy you settle for a glare instead.

When you're darlin and you know it...


Y'all. My mom sent me a Mother's Day card. She's too much. lol ❤

When you're feeling all disgruntled and they call you cute.

I should really be working but instead I'm in bed reading some Jill Shalvis with my girls. Sid curled up at my knee, BabyG snuggled on me and Cleo curled at my shoulder. It's hard to resist these three. 

The only royalty that matters. #royalwedding #babyg

The 'Hoe lives to drive another day!! Got her oil change and inspection and she's feeling pretty good. She needs a bath, though. And I still need to find her a sister.

My girl is happy. It's finally warm enough for her to use her window bed. lol

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