Wednesday, October 3, 2018

4 stars-- Keep Me, Cowboy (77th Copper Mountain Rodeo #3) by Nicole Helm

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Oh goodness. Helm does know how to give you down to their bones fucked up and broken characters and make you ache for them. Keep Me, Cowboy was a short read but one full of feels as a family is forced to face how messed up they've become over the years and tries to piece their lives back together.
The Gist: 10 years earlier Cole left town and the girl he loved. He thought he was doing the right thing at the time but now that she's forcing him to come back to town and face his family (the one she wishes were her own) and her? Well, he's realizing maybe he hadn't had it right all those years ago after all.
"I don't know who I am. All I've ever done is look for family, and no one wants that from me. So, I don't know who to be."
These two. Man they made my heart hurt. Jess is a former foster kid who has only ever wanted to fit in and be part of a family but is finding out that maybe the family she thought she fit with and tried so hard to be a part of the past ten years...doesn't see her the same way. She's sweet and earnest and just lovely. And Cole. Well he's spent his whole life feeling like an outsider in his own family. Never good enough. Never right. So he bailed instead of sticking it out. It hurt watching them both deal with their feelings and trying to figure out who they were all these years later. To themselves and each other. And how they fit with the family that was breaking their hearts, as well.

The romance is heartbreaking, too. So much hurt and frustration between them. So many lost years. But they were sweet together and I loved watching them heal and find each other again.

All in all, Keep Me, Cowboy was an emotional read. Not just with the romance but the family behind them as well. Seeing them own up to the years of not listening to one another, not sharing their feelings or really acting like a family. Seeing them all try to put the past behind them and move on to something better and whole. Things aren't perfect when everything ends but there's hope and change happening and it's a heart warming thing to see.

This one did stop at 81% of the ebook.
Rodeo cowboy Cole McArthur has spent the last ten years running from Marietta, Montana, from his father’s expectations, and from the only woman he’s ever loved. But now his past is at his front door, begging for his help.

Jess Clark doesn’t want to face the only man who’s ever claimed enough of her heart to break it, but her foster family needs their prodigal son home, and she owes them too much to not make that happen. Seeing Cole for the first time in a decade unlocks the kind of desire she’s only ever felt for him, and never acted on with anyone.

Back in Marietta facing family betrayal and family secrets, heat explodes between them, and feelings buried long ago rise to the surface. But can Jess convince this wandering cowboy that his home is with her?

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