Wednesday, January 30, 2019

And There Were Firsts! (Blog All About It)

This Month's Prompt!

I love this challenge and that there are just so many ways to tackle each prompt.

Since I'm doing a lot of new things this year I decided to share some of my firsts so far in 2019. 

My first selfie. My first walk. My first "new thing" to try. My first steps to getting healthy.

My first shift at the Food Pantry for 2019

My first grocery trip (and first day of Super Doubles)

My first picture of BabyG

My first tank of gas.

My first kitchen adventure. And first time trying purple asparagus and Mexican feta.

My first shift at the USO. And my first time being late to anything in like ever.
(I slept an hour into our shift, oops!)

My first couponing donation of 2019

Our first (and hopefully last) herd baby emergency.
(she's home and doing pretty well)

My first cold (and hopefully last) in longer than I can remember.
And my first bowl of comfort ramen.

My first audiobook (The Scam), Print book (Trailer Trash) and ebook (Burn For You)

The first page in my 2019 bujo

My first concert of the year -- Scotty McCreery

My first goal achieved.

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