Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Monthly Herd-- January-- Lordy be.

Oh my gosh. January. What were you thinking??

Home Front
  • I kicked off my 2019 goals and have been doing great with them!
  • I'm down 10 pounds
  • We had one very sick herd baby but she's home and doing well
  • And I got sick so spent a week in bed trying to keep my lungs in place
  • Some volunteering happened
  • And I ventured out and joined a crafting group one Saturday
  • I walked a LOT of steps (276,075) with one day left. My goal is 10,000 per day and I came real close. 

Blog Front
  • The blog turned 7!
  • And got a new theme!
  • And then I decided to take a social media break. Not entirely but I'm not on there most of the day. I pre-schedule then check in in the evenings or early morning. I needed to focus on the herd and house and health. It's a work in progress but helping. 
  • I've not blogged hardly any and got down to 11 scheduled posts. Almost all of which were scheduled for December. Ha! So I'm having to actually do some blogging. lol

Honestly I'm so happy with myself. I took on the motto of "you aren't a fucking tree" this year. Meaning if you aren't happy with something change it. You aren't a tree and stuck in one place. I've taken it to heart on all fronts and man it's a good feeling actually making positive changes and getting stuff done.

2019 goals/ideas
Reading Challenges

I didn't post many reviews this month. Had some good ones. Had some crappy ones. It was okay.
Thankfully my reading went MUCH better.

Total Reviews: 6
New to Me Authors: 2
Favorite Read: Hot As Sin
Towards Challenges: 6


Most Anticipated Reads
Favorite New To Me Authors
Tag: The Cat Herder
Oh Authors-- These Things Suck
TBR Pile additions
And So We Sing-- Hotel Key
Blog All About It -- Firsts

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