Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Cottage on the Corner (Apple Valley #2) by Shirlee McCoy

The Cottage on the Corner...yall. It made me hungry! For baked goods and sexy cops. Ha!
The Gist: Max is a ladies man. He loves them all. Though he doesn't know what to do with the two new ladies in his life... his three year old daughter who was a complete surprise and has been abandoned on his doorstep. Or the sexy baker who's got no time for men but turns out to be his saving grace when it comes to sudden daddy-hood and caring for a little girl.
I liked Charlotte and Max. She's a sweet heart who has a passion for food and feeding others. He's a charming lug all about protecting his town. They're good people.
“Want some coffee?”

“If I drink any more, I might end up with caffeine poisoning,” he responded, looking up from the contents of the kit. He had beautiful eyes. Such a dark deep blue that they almost looked black in certain lights.

“I can make decaf.”

“No, thanks.”

“Orange juice?”

“I’m fine.”

“How about a couple of cookies?”

“Charlotte”—he laughed—“you don’t have to feed and water me every time I cross the threshold.” He had the best kind of laugh. The kind that could fill a room, a house, a heart if someone let it.

“Sorry. I know you’re not livestock. It’s just a habit.”

“No need to apologize. I just don’t want you to feel obligated.”
Yall, it is a hesitant slow burning romance. I mean. Whew. Both are quite relationship averse-- Max likes quick flings and Charlotte's good with avoiding men entirely. Mmhm. So the sudden pesky attraction? Ack! I absolutely loved these two together, though. Things stay pretty PG but there's some steamy kissing happening and all kinds of bantery goodness.

Now the storyline was in turns heartbreaking and heartwarming. Basically Max's ex sucks and one night drops by with what she claims is his daughter. Then...drives away and leaves the kid on the doorstep. Args! And Max...who is NOT a kid guy...suddenly has one. It was heartbreaking seeing the little girl deal with her deadbeat mom and suddenly being surrounded by strangers. But it was incredibly sweet (and often funny) seeing Max and those in his life suddenly being faced with an absolute handful of a 3 year old. So many touching scenes.

All in all, I've really have enjoyed this series and am a bit sad to see there's only 3 books. I'll have to check out more of her series.
Charlotte Garrison's second chance is falling into place just like she's carefully planned. A few more sales of her heavenly sweets and she'll be able to turn the empty shop on Main Street into her own bakery--a plan much more sensible than ever again risking her heart. But when a rambunctious three-year-old girl lands on town deputy Max Stanford's doorstep, Charlotte finds helping the good-looking deputy care for her is sparking the most impossible dreams...

Max has never been much for settling down. But while he finds out if little Zuzu is really his daughter, Charlotte's warmth and caring makes him want to prove he's worthy of her trust. And as they struggle to come to terms with their pasts, Max will do whatever it takes to show Charlotte home is where dreams come true--and he and Zuzu are all the love and home she'll ever need.

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