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[memes] Favorite New To Me Authors + my week in books

I wanted to meme. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

Ahhh a week and a bit down for 2019! It's been a good year so far. Mostly. I've been rocking my 10,000 steps a day (got it every day!) and my calories. Taking my vitamin and working round the house. Have been doing some good reading, too. So not bad!

But we had a herd baby emergency this week. One of my semi-ferals , Americus, who doesn't even like to be in a room with me suddenly got into my lap wanting attention. She was very dehydrated and dealing with a URI. Turned out her kidneys are involved, too. So she's got a lot going on and staying a second night at the vet. We'll know more tomorrow from test results. She IS feeling better and spunkier. Bit her vet tech and had to have a cone of shame. She doesn't have teeth so no one was hurt and laughed she was feeling more herself apparently. lol

Ache For Me-- Oh my word. Slow burn romances. Might have wished for a rogue llama to run the hero down but enjoyed it.

Finding Me-- Huge surprise since I didn't like the heroine in previous books but it was cute and won me over.

Change of Heart-- made me mad. It was like the author lost the will to write and just ended the book randomly.

The Scam-- This was a re-listen. I love this duo. Sexy conman and his straight laced FBI agent partner.

The Quiche of Death-- I'm re-listening to it. I love the prickly abrasive heroine.

The Rancher's Baby -- I love Yates and figured I'd try a Harlequin by her. It's good so far. Heroine's dead ex-husband walks into his funeral. Um! And her best friend who's wanted her for decades is helping her through the drama. 


Blood for Blood and The Snow Gypsy were both freebies with my Jan Prime picks.

The Man on the Mountaintop was an audible freebie. The Quiche of Death and the Vicious Vet I picked up with a credit.


Hot as Sin by JT Geissinger

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Top Ten: New-to-Me Authors I Read In 2018

I read 38 new to me authors in 2018. Woo! These 7 were my favorites and how many I read from each. They're a nice variety. Mystery, thriller, and romance. Some very sweet and innocent. Some dark and gritty. All wowed me in one way or another and I could not recommend them more.

Katy Regnery (15 books)
Mildred Abbot (7 books)
Justine Davis (1 book)
Shirlee McCoy (2 books)
Melody Carlson (1 book)
Melinda Leigh (5.5 books)


Question: What is your first book of the year?

A: The first book I finished for 2019 was The Scam by Janet Evanovich. It's one of my favorite on audio because Scott Brick...swoon. And the characters are amazing. The series is a straight laced FBI agent who's working with a sexy con-artist she caught who's now helping the FBI bring down bad guys. So they set up cons and have amazing sexual tension and it's just the best.

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