Thursday, January 17, 2019

[memes] Oh Authors. + my week in books & herding

So. This week was scary. 

Americus had been doing pretty good then Sat night started having seizures at the vet. She had to transfer to another e-vet to handle those and they kept talking letting her go but I just couldn't. I had to give her a chance. And...she's home! We go for a blood recheck this afternoon so fingers crossed they're improving but she's home, eating, drinking, fighting her meds and being all cute. No more seizures, either.
But that's why I've been semi-absent on most social media. I also decided to do some major life changes. I'm trying to get the herd, me and the house all healthy. We're all getting older and need some work (ha!) so I'm trying to tackle all that and spend less time during the day online. It's so hard! 

It is helping, though. I've been purging a ton, organizing, doing my steps every day but 2 which were emergency days (10 pounds down officially!) and just trying to be a better mom to herd, house and plants. I'll get around to visits, comments, etc but it might be delayed a spot since I'm only on first and last thing during the day. Hang in there with me, please! lol

Oooh and something fun and daring I did. I went to a crafters get together! We spent part of Saturday just crafting. I took my bujo. It was a lot of fun. I didn't know anyone going in but it turned out okay and hopefully will get to know some new friends. So. That's awesome. 

I managed to read 3 books this week and enjoyed them all!

The Rancher's Baby-- I do enjoy friends to more. There was some drama but I enjoyed it.

The Quiche of Death-- (relisten) The heroine totally entered a cooking contest with a store bought quiche and the judge maybe died from poisoned quiche. Oops!

Let There Be Love-- New to me author. It looked cute. Very light romance storyline but it was fun and revolved around sled dogs.


Let There Be Light -- I'm just starting this one but it's more dog sledding with the local librarian taking a leave of absence to pursue her dream of mushing.

The Vicious Vet-- More Agatha. She's such a handful. A bit ridiculous sometimes but I enjoy her. The vet...has been killed. He was kind of an asshole and hated cats so we're okay with this. 


Page I did at the crafters get together.

And one of my 2019 yearly spreads. This will be all the new recipes I try during the year. 

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top: Books I Meant to Read In 2018 but Didn’t Get To

With how I'm reading/blogging now I pretty much read what I want when I want. So this week's topic is a little off for me. It's not like I planned to read these in 2018 and just didn't get to them. I just hadn't gotten to them...yet in the progression of the series. These are series that I started but then didn't get to finish because there are lots of them or I found them late in the year.

Yeah. There are 29 of these. Ha! I'm on book 2 doing audio when I walk so it takes a LONG time for me on them. Plus I only buy when on a deal since they're audio and that can take for ever. But getting there. I plan to do more in 2019.

I love love love this world from Denise Grover Swank. It's a hefty series though. An original 9 plus novellas, then a spin off with multiples then this spin off with multiples. They're incredible and I plan to read this section of the series in 2019 now that I'm caught up on the others it's connected to.

I read book one--Whiskey River Rescue-- in late 2018 and LOVED it. I plan to read the rest.

And I think that's all I've got! I finished up or caught up on a lot of series in 2018 which was awesome. Some I have just the new release (Dec/Jan) left. I'm feeling real good about it.

Question: Is there anything that drives you bonkers when you're reading a book and makes you want tell the author a thing or two?

A: Oh lordy.
  • Authors who write military romance and don't capitalize Marine, or say ex-Marine. You sound like an uninformed idiot who's using Marines because they're trendy.
  • When they don't use condoms and haven't discussed anything...that's nasty. And all I can think is yep you're gonna get your ass knocked up or get the clap. 
  • When heroines don't tell a hero he has a kid then act like the injured party...honestly I just want a horse to fall on them so the hero can raise the kid from there on out alone. And I'm WAY less likely to read you as an author ever again.
  • It is no okay for a heroine to hit their hero when they're pissed. This doesn't make them strong. This makes them abusive. It's not sexy or romantic or in any way okay. Reverse the rolls. If the hero hit the heroine for making him mad would it be okay? No? Then DON'T FUCKING HAVE THE HEROINE DO IT!
Okay. I'm done. I think. lol

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