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Say Yes to the Duke (House of Brady #3) by Kieran Kramer

Janice Sherwood wants to marry for love, but she’s failed to make a match after two Seasons. Her parents, the Marquess and Marchioness of Brady, arrange to send her to the Duke of Halsey’s country estate as a short-term guest of his grandmother, the dowager, in hopes that she might win the duke’s affections. What they never could have imagined is that Janice would fall for the ruggedly handsome servant Luke, who lives in the stables and carries an air of mystery and temptation.

When Luke Callahan learns that he is the legitimate heir to a dukedom, he will stop at nothing to claim what is his. But first, he must begin a game of disguise to secure his rightful inheritance. Janice isn’t part of his plan. But by engaging her in this dance of deception, might he lose her forever?

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Oh hell yeah! I'd so Say Yes to the Duke. I had a blast reading Kramer's latest. From the stunningly gorgeous cover to the equally beautiful love story it was a wonderful historical treat that delighted the romance lover in me...

After a disappointing Season Janice is sent to the country in hopes she'll win the heart of her host...the Duke. But love doesn't always go as planned and the man to steal her heart... in his groom. The whole forbidden romance? It just kills me--gah it was so good! I love seeing true romance overcome the greatest of odds. And these two? They were wonderful.

I absolutely loved the characters. Janice is one of my all time favorite heroines. She was just amazing. She really grew as a character and with each page I fell even more for her as she came into her own and took charge. She's kind and strong, doesn't hold her status over other people and is just an accepting and lovely woman who cares for others.

And Luke. Oh. My. Girly. Swoon. He's got an aura of power surrounding him that is so incredibly sexy. To the world he's a mere groom but he's actually the rightful heir to the dukedom and searching for proof at the Duke's estate. You could totally see him in the role of Duke but at the same time he's a bit unpolished. He's been a fighter. And a boxer. And lived a hard life on the streets but that rawness makes him even more yummy and exciting. He's also a rescuer of puppies. Be still my heart. <3
He picked up her hand and traced a circle over the back of it with his finger.

"Mr. Callahan--" The words were practically strangled in her throat.

He stopped tracing and looked up. "Yes?"

"I need my hand back."

"Are you sure? I'd like to borrow it another few seconds."

She shook her head. "That's not a good idea."

He lifted it to his mouth, palm up, and kissed its center. Her skin was sweet and warm. He couldn't help closing his eyes, inhaling her scent, and pressing that hand against his jaw.
The two were so sweet together and were people I'd love to be around in real life. They had some rather steamy moments as well that were oh so very nice even though it didn't go "too far" for the majority of the book. Whew. Janice definitely didn't shy away from her sexual attraction and I loved that boldness about her. There was a nice bit of humor added to the mix as well that made it such a fun experience.

Say Yes to the Duke was a really delightful read. Kramer created a romance that tugged at my heart and had me aching hopeful that these two would find a way to be together despite Society's rules and expectations and she definitely didn't disappoint. It all played out wonderfully and you could really feel the love between them. I'd definitely recommend this one for any historical romance fans. 

Have you read Kieran Kramer? What did you think?
Do you have a favorite 'forbidden' love story? 

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