Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Switched Baby Scandal by Theresa Meyers

Single mom Taylor Lawrence just discovered that the hospital sent her home with the wrong infant five years ago. Now the headstrong and handsome biological father wants his child back. But Emily has always been her daughter, and Taylor won’t give her up without a fight.

Widower Reece Wallace believed his life was over when a drunk driver killed his wife and daughter. So when he learns of the baby switch, he sees this child as his ultimate salvation. But he never anticipated the fiery woman on the other side of this custody battle—or how she’d stir feelings in him long dormant.

As the media storm surrounding the hospital’s mistake intensifies, Taylor and Reece find there’s more to sort out than custody of Emily—they must work together to protect her while grappling with their growing attraction. Can they pick up the pieces of two broken families and meld them into something new?

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 2 out of 5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

**I did a little editing on the review because it just wasn't coming across right... Or maybe it's just the blurb that isn't quite right but anyways here's my second attempt. LOL**

The Switched Baby Scandal. Lord help me but you know going in there's going to be some drama and emotional upheaval with a title like that. And whew, yeah, it's a tear jerker.

Years earlier a hospital mix up sent two little girls home with the wrong families which was brought to light when Taylor, the heroine, was trying to prove paternity of her daughter and discovered that biologically she wasn't her child's mother either. As the hospital's mix up is exposed and another family is drawn into the media chaos they have to figure out not only where to go from there but how to protect the little girl at the center of it all from insistent journalists out for the big story.

Reece was my favorite part of the story. He's been lost in a world of grief after his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident and finding out his biological daughter is out there and alive does him in. He wants to be a part of her life. To get to know her and be there for her. I felt for his struggles and how torn he was between his two sets of families--between betraying the memory of his wife and daughter and finding happiness with his biological daughter and the woman who raised her and he's attracted to. He's stable, realistic and just a good man who wants to do the right thing. I absolutely loved all of the moments between him and his biological daughter as they got to know each other. They're so incredibly sweet together and had me tearing up often.

Taylor though I had trouble with. I felt for her. For the loss of her biological child and the fear of losing the child she'd raised but I just didn't like her or how she seemed to make everything about her and how hard it was for her. Because of negative past experience she always seemed to be looking for the worst in Reece and that got to me after a while especially after seeing his character and that he wanted to be there for both of them and make a life with them.

Even though Taylor hit some major buttons for me overall I really did enjoy The Switched Baby Scandal. The storyline, the relationship between Reece and his little girl, the struggles to find something good out of a horrible situation. I loved all of that. And I enjoyed Meyers' actual writing style and loved how she portrayed the little girl--few authors really write children well and she did an excellent job. The story moved nicely and was easy to fall into and will have me coming back for more despite my heroine woes.

Have you read Meyers? What did you think? 
Do you have a harder time with your heroes or heroines?

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