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Interview w/ the ladies from Bring on the Heat!

Morning yall. We've got a slew of ladies here today to chat about their box set release...Bring on the Heat. Check it out and leave them some love :)
Breaking Skye by Eden Bradley
BDSM. Submission. Spanking. Skye thought one night with the perfect Dominant might purge these dark desires from her system. But Adam has other ideas…and soon all he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.

Caught by Cassandra Carr
Callie left her Dominant, Jack, three years ago, believing he’d never love her. Yet when their paths cross, she agrees to submit to him and is drawn deep into Jack’s world once more. This time, Jack knows he needs to overcome his fears and claim Callie forever or lose everything.

An Indecent Proposition, Part I & Part II by Stephanie Julian
One woman. Two men. Half a million dollars. One very indecent proposition...

Burned, Dragos Book 1 by Amber Kallyn
When Calla, a dragon shifter, heads to a sleepy mountain town to investigate their arson outbreak, she doesn’t expect to find the dark dragon who killed her mother, or her destined mate. Firefighter Scott O’Neil can’t fight their burning attraction, even after he finds out what she is, and the shocking secret of his own past.

Laundry Day by Keira Kohl
Carmela Keyes runs an apartment complex with fun and sex games. Despite her curious nature she never partakes in the Keyes Manor Saturday night key parties. She’s got her sights set on Declan McLean to join her own private laundry day party. Clothing prohibited.

Cherry Tune-up by Adriana Kraft
Desperate for a crash course in lovemaking, Bobbi Jo Martin seeks out her childhood best friend. A successful contractor with NASCAR dreams, Jack Day has never forgotten her—but how will he protect his heart? In a moment of sheer genius he decides to play the role of master…

Riding Rodeo by Emma Lai
The last person Amanda Goodson expected to walk into her bakery was Sean Cassidy, the bareback bronc rider who rode her hard one night and left without a good-bye the next day. A nasty hang up ended Sean’s career and left him with nothing but time to contemplate his past sins—the most damning one being walking out on Amanda, the one woman he couldn’t forget once outside the bedroom. Searching out Amanda to right the biggest mistake of his life, he finds he has competition. Never one to back down from a challenge, he offers to fulfill her fantasy of riding two cowboys. At the end of the night, will Amanda decide riding Rodeo is worth the risk to her heart?

Clockwork Captive by Anh Leod
Enslaved in a gentlemen’s club by a fiendish clockwork device, Liza knows she has few options...until the night she recognizes Brace. Though he has no idea they share a secret, he must possess her, and replace her scars with sexual healing. Rescuing the captive will make her his forever.

First Kiss by Ann Mayburn
Ryan will never forgot that night in high school when he kissed Emma and lost his heart to her forever. Years later he finds Emma, but now she’s a pro-Domme that refuses to fall in love. Ryan begins a campaign to win her reluctant heart, one night at a time.

Jingle Ball, More the Merrier Book 1 by Cari Quinn
All receptionist Wendy Stanton wants for Christmas is a chance for a relationship with her sexy, dominant boss outside the boardroom. But his secrets—and hot encounters including her other boss—are complications she never expected.

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Morning Ladies, welcome to herding cats! We're ready to hear a little about yalls box sex...Bring on the Heat.

If you had once sentence to suck someone in to your individual book what would you tell them?
[Emma Lai] Sexy bull rider. Does more need to be said? 
[Cassandra Carr] Jack is an Alpha Dom. 
[Cari Quinn] Jingle Ball features two sexy as hell, dominant bosses who like to pleasure each other and their secretary. And they're very creative with Christmas tree ornaments. ;) Bwaha naughty things with Christmas ornaments Cari? I'm in! 
[Amber Kallyn] What happens when a dragon falls in love with a fireman? 
[Anh Leod] Clockwork Captive is a rescue fantasy erotic romance! No matter how bad Liza's life has become, her sexy savior is right around the corner. 
Sounds great ladies. Any fun behind the scene facts about your book you'd like to share? 
[Eden Bradley] BREAKING SKYE is based on a true story-and yes, it happened to me! (most of it-not saying exactly which parts).
[Cassandra Carr] Jack is a conglomeration of all the things I love about Doms. AND Jack and Callie make a cameo appearance in another book of mine, Master Class.
Oh always fun getting a little crossover visit from characters. Now. Heroes. We're all about our heroes here. What's the best thing about yours that'll just have people drooling and toes curling?
[Adriana Kraft] This quote from a reader: Well, after meeting Jack, no other man would ever come into my stream of consciousness again. He is one hot guy and I understand exactly why Bobbi Jo went back to him. Jack is not a wham, bam, thank you ma'am type of guy. He is about building up, teasing, lingering, then satisfying. Sheila G. 
[Eden Bradley] His utterly natural air of command. If you have even the tiniest flicker of submission in your body, he will take you down to your knees with a mere raised eyebrow. 
[Cassandra Carr] Eden stole my answer! Okay, fine, there are a LOT of other things about Jack that’ll have ladies drooling, like how he speaks to Callie. Whoa, the dirty talk! 
[Amber Kallyn] Scott decided to become Mr December for the Fireman’s charity calendar.
Oh Amber. Now that's something I'd so like to see!

So, we're total quote whores here. What's the sexiest panty-melting-make-you-tingle-in-all-the-good-places quote from your book? And yeah you can totally be as naughty as you want.
[Adriana Kraft] He opened the passenger door, and she climbed into the pickup. Jack caught the door before she could close it. He leaned in and kissed her thoroughly, as if replaying those kissing sessions of their early teenage years. She responded immediately. His hand slid between her thighs until it covered her mound.

He broke away, laughing. "I thought so. Even talking about kissing got you wet."

Her eyes widened as his finger sank into her pussy. She cast her eyes around the parking lot. "Not here, Jack. Somebody could see us."

Jack lifted his head and glanced around. "I doubt if anyone will be by, but it does add a bit of excitement, doesn't it?"

His mouth covered a breast through her tank top. She scrunched down in the seat. Was she trying to hide or to provide him with better access? She couldn't decide. He took advantage of her spreading hips and pushed a second finger into her. She gasped and fought to keep her eyes open. One of them had to be vigilant; Jack certainly wasn't.

Her hips began to buck. He moved off her breast and stared into her eyes. His hand picked up the pace. "Come for me, Bobbi Jo. You want to live dangerously. Come for me right in the middle of a public parking lot."

Bobbi Jo shook her head. She licked her lips. Jack’s fingers curled. He'd found an incredibly sensitive spot. She bit into his shoulder, hoping he would muffle her squeals. Her hips churned with no guidance from her, and she knew it was happening again.

"That's it, babe. Pump those juices all over my hand."

She did, then settled back into the seat. Jack wiped the back of his hand against her soaked pussy, lifted it, and sniffed. "Pungent and sweet at the same time. Just like you." He pulled her skirt back down and pecked her on the lips before quietly closing the passenger side door.
[Eden Bradley] “Stay as still as you can, Skye. This is going to hurt.”
[Emma Lai] His voice gruff, Sean said, “Honey, I don’t know what you’ve been up to for the past eighteen months.” His thumb brushed the tear away, and his lips skimmed her cheek. “But I promise you the next eighteen hours will more than make up for them.”
[Cassandra Carr] “Such a pretty sight, my naughty little slut, bound and on your knees for me.”
[Cari Quinn] Des crooked his finger. “C’mere.”

Wendy didn’t look at Cole. Couldn’t. She moved toward Des like a zombie, trapped in his web though he didn’t speak. He caressed her cheek and rubbed his thumb under her eye, his lips softening into a fleeting smile. Then he reached behind her and freed her wrists. He draped the garland around her neck before he pushed her jacket down to her elbows. The pose slightly pulled back her arms.

“I like that.” He traced her shoulders. “You’re restrained, just enough to make you remember.”

“Remember what?”

He nudged her down to her knees, directing his cock between her lips. “Me.”
[Anh Leod] Outside, thunder cracked, and rain began to pound the cobblestones in the lane, drowning out her sounds of approval, higher pitched than her dark, pained moan, and the wet sucking sounds his mouth made against her velvety flesh.
Well. That's quite the set of quotes! LOL Now, I'm guessing this one will be pretty easy but..if your hero could get away with anything (naughty or nice) what would he pick? And would your heroine go along for the ride?
[Emma Lai] Sean's all about making Amanda's fantasies come true, so of course she'd go along for the ride. 
[Cassandra Carr] Jack did it. You’ll have to read the last scene in the book to know what I mean. 
[Cari Quinn] Hmm, Des likes to get away with as much as possible...and I think that will become obvious in Stripped, the next book in the More The Merrier series. Let's just say that two in bed is great, but now and then, four is even better. ;) And yes, Wendy is up for any and all rides!
Alright a couple quickies...Top thing on your bucket list?
[Adriana Kraft] LOL not gonna share that here!! But here’s one I can share: Hubs and I would love to be at Stonehenge (where neither of us have been) for a summer solstice someday. 
[Cassandra Carr] I’d love to go to Europe for about a month. At first I was thinking with just the hubs, but now that my daughter is getting a little older I think I’d like to take her too. But maybe not. ;-) 
[Eden Bradley] Seeing Italy! 
[Amber Kallyn] Cage diving with great whites, a multi-month tour of Scotland.
Weirdest thing you've ever Google searched in the name of book research?
[Adriana Kraft] Maybe not weird, but writing the romantic suspense we’re about to release, hubs was searching for video cameras equipped with night vision, and clicked his way right into a high security website that wanted LOTS of information before proceeding further. Clicked himself right back out of that one…and we did find the info we needed anyway.  
[Eden Bradley] Hallucinogenic herbs in the Northeastern region of the US. Either that, or figging.
Pink flamingos or Garden gnomes?
[Adriana Kraft] Neither. We live and travel in our motorhome – they’d be hard to pack and carry  
[Eden Bradley] Flamingos! (I'm  a California girl). 
[Amber Kallyn] Zombie garden gnomes :D
Ask and you shall receive Amber...

Something you'd totally do if you could get away with it?
[Adriana Kraft] Already got away with it – nothing left on the list  
[Cassandra Carr] Spying on the Sabres locker room – as long as I didn’t have to smell it. (Hockey locker rooms are some of the worst-smelling places on the planet. Something about the smell produced by wet equipment…) 
[Eden Bradley] Hmm...what haven't I already done is a better question.
If I'm not reading or writing I'm...?
[Eden Bradley] Playing with my Boston Terrier puppy, Voodoo, who I love ridiculously! 
[Cassandra Carr] Watching the Sabres. 
[Amber Kallyn] Chilling with my kids.
Favorite Man Candy? Pictures are welcome & encouraged!
[Eden Bradley] Jason Momoa, but especially as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. Talk dirty Dothraki to me, baby!  

[Cassandra Carr] This should surprise no one. He’s a Buffalo Sabres player, Marcus Foligno, and yes, he looks this good AFTER a game.
 [Amber Kallyn] Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Yums. Okay, strangest thing in your purse (or room) right now?
[Eden Bradley] In my office: My raygun made for me by sci-fi concept artist Rich Livingston. In my purse: A blue poop bag-ah the joys of new (puppy) motherhood!
I'm completely freaked out by...?
[Eden Bradley] Clowns! Terrifying! Who does that to small children?? *omg yes!*
[Cassandra Carr] Watching someone wipe out in a sporting event and get seriously injured. I know people who will watch video of some guy’s leg snapping in half over and over. *shudder*  *oh and now I hurt! lol*
[Amber Kallyn] Cockroaches. *with ya on that*
Best "naughty" accessory?
[Eden Bradley] My mouth. You can take that any way you want to. ;) 
[Amber Kallyn] Even though I’m almost 6’ tall, I love my spike heels… though I can only wear them for a short time, preferably without trying to walk, LOL.
LOL yeah I so couldn't walk in spiked heels. I'd break myself but good! Well, thanks for stopping by ladies!

Have yall read any of the ladies in the box set?
What did you think?

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