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Meme-jack w/ Candace Blevins--her monster... *snort* + giveaway!

Woot! Our first author of 2014 is Candace Blevins!! And she's meme-jacking Cat Thursday this week!

She writes all kinds of kinky erotica goodness and is just amazing. And today she's sharing her "monster"...Storm. Come check him out and leave her some love. There's a giveaway for today's post too!!   ~Anna

Safeword: Quinacridone (this is one of my fave reviews)
Tyler and Viv have found each other again after a three day fling three years ago. Ideally suited for each other, they try to make a relationship work. However, they soon realize Tyler was expecting a 24/7 total power exchange and Vivian will never be a 24/7 submissive. As they try to find a compromise, Vivian must deal with what a Total Power Exchange means, even if it’s only a part time power exchange, and Tyler must decide if he can live with a sometimes-Master and sometimes-boyfriend relationship.

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I suppose our family fits into some nice formula somewhere –two kids, one cat, and one dog.  That’s
where the “normal” part ends, though.

The dog is afraid of his own shadow,but is great with the kids. I don’t worry about the dog hurting anyone. 

When we had contractors in the house for months on end, the dog literally hid behind me when the men were around. He weighs almost eighty pounds, and his six inch long hair makes him look another twenty pounds heavier. He’ll never be a guard dog, but he does make a good alarm-dog, because he jumps into our bed and nose-whines a few minutes before anyone knocks on the front door.

The cat? Completely the opposite. We had to lock him in the laundry room to keep him from attacking the contractors when we were having the kitchen and bath remodeled. He goes into attack mode for anyone who visits except my older daughter’s friends – he goes out of his way to be nice to them. 

Oh, and my dad feeds him when we’re out of town, so he’s nice to my dad, and tolerates my mother’s presence. 

We have to lock him up for any other visitors.

I pulled out of the driveway one morning, realized I’d forgotten my cellphone, and went right back in to get it. The cat was in a mid-air leap from the steps in the foyer when I yelled it was me. He still landed on my head and shoulders, but retracted his claws just in time to keep from doing serious damage. I gave him cat treats, told him he was a good boy, retrieved my cellphone, brushed my hair, and left.

We adopted Storm from a local animal shelter when he weighed 1.7 pounds. He was a tiny little thing, but even back then, you could tell he had attitude. He grew fast, and he now weighs in at twenty-six pounds.
He has many of the markings of a Maine Coon, but doesn’t have the gentle personality.To be honest, my best guess is a mix of Maine Coon and bobcat. He has a tail, but it isn’t as fluffy as the typical Maine Coons, so… anything is possible.

The rug he’s lying on is six feet by eight feet, and the sink is not a miniature.

And his name? A storm came on us out of nowhere when we were on the way home from the animal shelter, with dangerous winds and rain so hard I had to pull over because I couldn’t even see the end of my hood.
Little did we know, the name would fit his personality.

He adores (and sleeps with) our oldest daughter, but only pays attention to rules and directives when they come from me. Some of this is the fact I’m a great shot with a hi-powered-super-soaker, but I think most of it just has to do with the fact I don’t treat him like a pet — I expect him to know the rules and follow them. My daughters treat him like a cute and cuddly stuffed animal, and my husband tries to dictate orders without showing mutual respect – so of course the cat just laughs at any of the uber-Dom’s attempts to civilize him.

Yes, my husband, a respected Dom, is laughed at by our cat, and I have to try not to laugh when it happens. Imagine any of the Doms from my books – Ethan, Travis, Zach – having to befriend a recalcitrant cat
before it will listen to them. None will have a problem once they set their mind to it, but you can imagine them being a bit frustrated, in the beginning.

So, that’s the story of our monster cat. He’s really a sweetheart when he wants to be, but when he’s grumpy, everyone leaves him alone. He could really hurt us if he wanted to, but he doesn’t want to. He strikes without claws, and bites without pressure, to warn when he’s annoyed.

And while the dog might show any burglars where we hide the valuables, the cat just might rip them to shreds.

Someday, I’ll write a story about a werewolf, and will gift him with some version of Storm. There will be constant power struggles, with one getting the upper hand one day, and the other getting it back the next.

For now, I’m still plugging away at the sequel for Safeword:Matte, though a short story sprang into my head and demanded to be written, so I’m giving a good bit of time to the short-story-turned-novella. It won’t be a part of the Safeword series, and I have no idea of a title at this point. It’s different from anything else I’ve written — or read, for that matter — and I’m looking forward to releasing it and seeing what kind of reaction it receives. 
                                                  ~Candace Blevins

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