Saturday, January 11, 2014

Randomly Random-- Dude. No. Effing. Way. Sweet Mary. ::shudders::

So. This guy. 

He decided to take my absolute worst nightmare. And bring that fucker to life. 

Bodies. In the ocean. Where they don't fucking belong. Sweet Mary. Yall. 
*shakes head* No. No. That shit is not okay. lol

Honest to God. I would piss myself if I stumbled on something like this. 

Then do some girly shrieking which would be bad seeing as I'd be underwater. 

I mean. Can you imagine? You're just swimming along loving life and then...THIS...

Jason deCaires Taylor. I would haunt your ass if this is what did me in. Haunt. Your. Ass. 


Fuck me. Yall. I have put myself in a total girly freak out. lol
It's a damn good thing I have an overnight volunteer gig scheduled because, yeah, sleep. 
Not happening.

Because even though it's thousands of miles away from me.

I know.

::shudders:: So, yep. Worst nightmare. Bodies were bodies should. not. be. 
I'm a total pansy I know but only water I'm going near is gonna be chlorinated and see through-able. 
Lakes, ponds, oceans, streams. Nope. No ma'am. Not gonna happen.

And I do believe that is the man that made this underwater hell in a park happen. 
Mmmhmm. I'm looking at you Taylor. I'm looking at you. 

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**Next week I'll be back to our Sunday Tasty Delights post. I had one all planned for today then we lost power and I couldn't actually make it. So I brought you this horror in aqua instead.

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