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Interview w/ Rebecca Zanetti & Debra Kayn--aaahhh dirty gnomes..and man candy too...

Morning chickies! So, today we have a double interview with Debra Kayn and Rebecca Zanetti! Woot! I've read both of them and LOVED them. And holy hell. Look at the #Covergasms happening here. Sweet Mary. Anyways. lol Come check out our interview and leave the ladies some love!  ~Anna

Weston--Amazon | All Romance | Goodreads

Forgotten Sins--Amazon | All Romance | Goodreads

Sweet Revenge--Amazon | All Romance | Goodreads

Morning ladies!! Welcome to herding cats & burning soup! Say you’re at the grocery store. And you’ve got 15 seconds to hook someone on your books. What do you tell them?
Zanetti: Thanks for having us over here today!  So, I’m at the grocery store because I have two teenagers, and I’m always at the grocery store.  If I’m at the store in my small town, I just say ‘hey, I’m from here and I wrote a book.”  That’d do it. :)  But, if I were in the city, I’d tell them that FORGOTTEN SINS is a sexy romantic suspense featuring an Alpha male with amnesia and a spunky heroine who can’t forget on the run from a deadly military group hunting them both.
Kayn: Do you like dominating, possessive men who only bend to one special lady? You should read Archer and Weston. Oh, and here's the phone number for when you get done. 1-800-ADDICTED 
Yup. That'd do it. Can yall tell us 3 behind the scenes fun facts about your books? 

  • The entire series unfolded from the first scene of FORGOTTEN SINS because I wanted to write about a woman being called down to the hospital to claim a husband (who had amnesia) who’d left her two years ago.  The idea of the heroine not really knowing the guy she married and being thrust into danger because of him intrigued me, and I thought it could be really sexy.  Of course, after I wrote that scene,  I had to figure out who these people were and who was after them.
  • The story mainly takes place in Snowville, a town in eastern Washington that’s loosely based on Spokane.  I didn’t want to have to be exact about locations and descriptions, so I changed the name of the town from Spokane to Snowville.
  • The physical description (petite, blonde, blue eyes) of the heroine as well as her characteristics (smart, stubborn, never say die) match those of my youngest sister, Debbie, to a T.
  • Tony Weston's tattoo was put into the story, because my husband, Wheels, has the exact same tattoo…and for the same reason.
  • The casino where Kage Archer's drug lord uncle holds down business in the basement is depicted after Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon.
  • I secretly love tormenting secondary characters. I seem to pick on Garrett and Sabrina the most. If they ever get together, it's going to be explosive!
Ahh love that. Alright so what about your heroes made you go all girly weak in the knees? What about your heroines?
Zanetti: The Dean boys are intense, deadly, and sexy as hell.  They’re all Alpha, but they have a vulnerable, sweet side that I hope makes readers melt.  They’d die or kill for family, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to keep their heroines safe. *they really are sexy as hell. Whew!*
I’m surrounded by smart women, so I expect heroines to be smart.  Savvy, determined, and intuitive.  Josie Dean is an intriguing character for me because she is so petite, how can she really fight some of the bad guys after her?   But no matter how many times she got knocked down, Josie came back up swinging.  I like that. 
Kayn: My heroes are bossy, dominating, and possessive, but it's the simple fact that they are one-woman guys that makes me fall in love with them. There's never any doubt that they are loyal, honest, and sincere to the woman who catches them.

My heroines are fun. They often don't think of what they're doing or saying ahead of time, and run on pure emotions. The way life should be lived.
They are a lot of fun. So, do yall have a favorite quote from your book you could share?
Zanetti: His palm spread out across her bare midriff. “I may have screwed up, and we’ll find out why, but I won’t hurt you again. You’re mine, angel. The only thing in life that matters.”
Kayn: “You’re the coolest, most badass tattoo-wearing PI-slash-mechanic ever.” She couldn’t stop the grin. “Me…a tattoo.” 

“Only you in my head and on my body, sweetheart,” he mumbled.
Aw yeah I liked those. Alright a couple quickies before yall head out...

Strangest thing you’ve Google searched in the name of book research?
Zanetti: Oh – this is a tough one.  I’ve googled everything from how to genetically engineer drugs, how to counter a biochemical attack, how different bullets impact the flesh, and what men really feel when they orgasm.  There’s no doubt I’m on several governmental computer watch lists. :)
Kayn: "How to make fingernail polish explode" That's me…wanted by the FBI now for trying to use beauty products as a weapon.
::snort:: Nice. So, favorite Man Candy treat? 
Zanetti: Let’s see:  Gerard Butler, Jensen Ackles, Channing Tatum, Shemar Moore, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Joe Manganiello… or wait?  You just wanted one?  :)
Kayn: Jason Statham, because of his mouth. He has a sexy, natural way of doing that "hard" thing with his lips. I love that!
Josh Holloway. Yum!

Garden Gnomes, Pink Flamingos, or Gazing Balls?
Zanetti: What the heck is a gazing ball?  Now I’ve added to my google list because I had to go and search one out.  I have to say, none of the above.  My hubby and I have a long standing war about lawn decorations, and I’m all for flowers and trees.  He likes odd things like cast iron tubs and parking meters.  I’ve blogged about my pain: 
Kayn: Gnomes – Garden gnomes are so stupid, they're funny. And, you can put them in kinky poses. What? Like you haven't?  
Uh, no. *looks around innocently* No, I'd never *cough* do something like that ::snort:: Thanks for coming by ladies!!
Zanetti: You bet!!!  Thank you again for letting us play here today.
More Zanetti on herding cats!

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Review--Weston--coming soon!

Alright ladies! If you've got questions or comments for Rebecca and Debra let em have it! 

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