Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Guest Post! Obscure Sex Toys for Couples w/ Adam & Eve

Sooo. Adam & Eve is on the blog today talking about Obscure Sex Toys for couples. *nods* Yall know we love them. Kicked off a book vacation there last year. And gave out penis straws from there too. Mmhm. lol So check out their post and if you're feeling frisky and thinking ahead to Valentine's Day check out their store :)

Obscure Sex Toys for Couples

When most people think about sex toys, they commonly separate items for use by either men or women individually. In many minds, toys like vibrators and dildos are for females and ben wa balls and blow up dolls are for men. Yes, society acknowledges the use of penis-shaped devices by couples looking to enhance her stimulation. However, there are plenty of other sex toys out there for couples to use together. In fact, the toy industry is expanding more and more to include devices and products made for two. So, if you and your partner are sick of your humdrum bedroom routine or if you'd like to spice up your already hot sex life, pick up a couple's toy.

Here are a few fun, unique sex accessories to get you started.

Cock Rings

While the term "cock" may throw you off, this device was made with both of you in mind. Guys can use a cock ring solo or with a partner. The device's ring shape allows the user to slide it down to the base of the shaft until it fits snugly. This causes blood restriction, which then creates harder erections that can last longer. Cock rings come in a variety of colors and some even vibrate—making for a festive and intense orgasm.

Sex Swings

A sex swing is a fine piece of equipment made for any adult playground. While you can use this swing on your own, a device like this was meant to be enjoyed by two. Either hang it from the ceiling or mount it between two A-frame like stands and swing away with your mate while simultaneously having sex. In addition, the sex swing enables you to remain supported while engaging in various positions that aren't easily accomplished in the bed. Before you dash out and invest in this magical apparatus, you can read up on sex swings and learn some tips on how to properly use the equipment here.


Modeled after a flashlight, the fleshlight is another toy that can be used alone, but is better with someone else. The fleshlight is similar to a masturbatory sleeve, with the user inserting his penis into the device and sliding it in and out. You could pair this adult product with lube and go to town on him.

Ben Wa Balls

While these toys have been around for centuries, it wasn't until women began reading some of the more bondage-themed erotic novels that Ben Wa Balls began to really get noticed. In fact, there was even a time when Ben Wa Balls were commonly mistaken for anal beads, though they were originally created for vaginal stimulation.

Not only is this a fantastic product for enhancing sexual pleasure, it's also a great tool to use to strengthen your pubococcygeus (or PC) muscles, and is often recommended for muscle training. Start with a large Ben Wa Ball and downgrade to a smaller one as your muscles get stronger. Although these toys are typically used alone, Ben Wa Balls are great to use with your mate. 

Sooo, what's *your* favorite toy?
And do you have a color preference?
Yall know that always has me curious after the whole purple pussy eater read...

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