Monday, February 17, 2014

Quote-tastic (42)-- ah, yes, a little sexual torture...

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My pick this week is from Spirited! It's out in March and I loved this book. It's slight paranormal/suspense. Hero is a cop and the heroine is a psychic with some questionable luck. You know, things like when they first meet she's climbing through his bedroom window at 3am dressed as a hooker. ::snort:: It was quite the hello. (she'd been at a party and lost her keys and misjudged windows lol)

Anyways. I thought this quote from later on in the book was kinda funny (and pretty dag steamy too)...

She tried to help him strip but only succeeded in getting in the way since she couldn't stop touching him. So she focused on freeing him from his jeans.

When her palm came skin to skin with his erection, Seth groaned deep in his throat, then laughed. "Stop helping me! You're going to help us into waiting another hour if you touch me like that again."

"An hour, really?" Jules asked with surprise. She watched him strip out of his jeans, grab a condom from the nightstand, and roll it on. "I thought men only needed twenty minutes."

"Precious, with you, I have a feeling I wouldn't need ten seconds before I'm ready to go again. But you make me come before I can get inside you and I'll tie you down and torture you for an hour before I'll let you come again."

Butterflies in her belly quivered in delight at the thought of him teasing her nonstop for an hour.

He positioned himself over her. With his thighs between hers, he rested his weight on his fists beside her head, and said, "You ready or should I test out that sexual torture idea right now?"

He didn't wait for a response instead, he slid into her with one long, deep thrust.

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