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Interview w/ Gina Maxwell--what can't she get enough of? It'll totally make you *aw* + giveaway

Kat MacGregor has forty-eight hours to make good on the debt her ex-boyfriend owes a crime boss. Unfortunately, the measly tips she makes waitressing are barely enough for her to live on, much less cover the twenty-thousand needed to keep her breathing. With time running out, Kat 's forced to accept help from the only man who's ever made her feel fire rather than fear.

When he learns a friend's sister is in trouble, former Boston MMA fighter Aiden "Irish" O'Brien heads to Louisiana to offer himself up as collateral to keep her safe. But to satisfy the debt, he has to do the one thing he swore hed never do again: fight. With more than just money on the line, will Irish have what it takes to not only reclaim the man he once was, but become the man he needs to be for the woman he can't live without?

Well good morning Miss Gina! And welcome back to the herd :) I just loved Irish and *rubs hands together* I'm ready for some inside scoop! lol I've got Nutella hot chocolate or Blackberry Sage tea if you'd like a cup while we chat :)
Hello, Anna! Thank you so much for having me back. I love it here. :) Ooh, Blackberry Sage tea sounds lovely, I’ll have that.
Ahh good call. It's my fave. Can't resist the stuff. Alright, real quick, for those who don't know Irish. If you had 10 seconds to hook them what would you tell em?
Fighting for Irish is about two broken souls finding solace in each other and helping one another to heal and accept love in their lives. There’s also fast motorcycle riding, alligator dodging, kitten saving, underground fighting, and a certain sexy scene involving a 1970 Nova.
The kitten saving *girly swoon* That was excellent! Okay, how about 3 fun behind the scenes facts about Fighting for Irish? Funny, naughty, silly it's all good. 
  • Xander’s 1970 Nova that Irish & Kat have a steamy quickie in…is in my garage. It’s a beautiful car and sexy as hell to watch my husband control all those horses under the hood. ;) *oh nice!*
  • John Mayer’s song “Edge of Desire” was the theme song I picked for Irish & Kat. But I also really like “Demons” by Imagine Dragon and “The One” by Gary Allen and feel they fit the couple as well.
  • The scene toward the end where Irish and Kat make love in the hotel was plotted out by me and my friend, KP. I took things a step further with this couple than the ones in my first two books. A step most people wouldn’t expect given Kat’s past and her hang-ups that she works hard to get past throughout the story. But when I told KP why I felt it had to be written this way and explained the tone of the scene, she answered with, “Oh, that’s going to be epic.” From that day on it was affectionately referred to as the Epic **** Sex Scene. (If you can’t guess what the asterisks are standing in for, you’ll have to read the book.) And that scene was so intense that it took me over a week to write it. Thankfully, it was worth the effort.
Okay. That scene. OMG you had my mouth drop open with it. lol It was really perfect though. I'm with ya on that. Okay, so what was that one thing that totally made you weak in the knees over Irish?
The tender way he treats Kat. He tunes into her insecurities and takes as much time as needed to help her through them.
*nods* definitely. And what about Kat?
Kat’s inner strength and determination to take care of her problems herself to spare the people she cares about any trouble or pain.
She really was wonderful. Alright how about a couple quickies before you head on out?

Favorite Man Candy?
I’m going to have to say it’s a 3-way tie right now between my hero inspirations, Parker Hurley (Reid), Marco Dapper (Jax), and Adam Von Rothfelder (Irish).

Damn. That's just so much pretty in one place Gina! lol

Weirdest thing in your purse/room right now?
I have a candle that’s used for massages. Once the wax heats up, it’s poured on the body and massaged into the skin. It smells and feels amazing.
I can't get enough...?
of my husband. Or dark chocolate. *aws best answer-- or maybe hubby dipped in chocolate? hmmm ;) *
I'm totally freaked out--like girly flail and squeal--over...?
the upcoming drinks date I have with Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole at RWA in July this year! They’re two of my absolute favorite authors and I fully expect to blubber uncontrollably for at least five minutes before calming down to acceptable levels. *bwaha I'd squeal and flail too!*
Top thing on your bucket list?
My husband and I are planning a 3-4 month long European tour. We’re excited about experiencing all the different countries, plus, I plan on setting up signings so that I can also finally meet my international readers!
Oh damn. That's an amazing sounding trip! Totally jealous! lol Thanks so much for hanging with us today Gina! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Thanks again for having me, Anna. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with another installment of the Fighting for Love series to tell you about. Ciao! 
Any time, Gina, any time. Always happy to have you by and spend time with your guys :)

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