Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Safe in the Tycoon's Arms by Jennifer Faye

The man behind the headlines...

When billionaire Lucas Carrington returns to his New York mansion, he never expects to find beautiful stranger Kate Whitley making herself at home. Invited by his aunt to stay, he soon discovers she's a woman in need. She's raising funds for her sick daughter, so he agrees to let her stay--temporarily!

Kate may not belong in Lucas's high-society world, but she sees there is more to this tycoon than the headlines suggest. Yet with so much at stake, can she trust herself and her heart with New York's most sought-after bachelor?

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 2 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Releases March 4th
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So. I'd kinda like to meet a Tycoon now. *nods* Safe in the Tycoon's Arms was a sweet read. I don't usually pick up category romances but something about this one pulled me in and I'm glad it did because I had such a good time with Kate and Lucas as they...have a bit of a run in.

The quick of it is that Lucas comes home to find Kate living in his mansion. Much to his surprise. lol And hers too since she was offered the place to stay by someone working at the hospital she's visiting with her daughter. Oops! While they're sorting it all out (and they fight some instant attraction happening) the two decide to form a working relationship of sorts-- she needs a place to stay and his mansion is in need of some TLC which she's perfect for as an interior designer. And off they go.

I really liked both Kate and Lucas. They're each struggling with their pasts and different aspects of parent hood--her daughter being ill and him being separated from his by a hostile ex wife. I just liked them as people and getting to see each of them grow as individuals as the book went along. Accepting help and righting wrongs. Lucas definitely has some sexy male swagger happening and Kate's just a determined woman I couldn't help but respect. Life's not been easy and she's on the edge emotionally but she never quits.

The romance was of the sweet variety and snuck up on them a little bit as their living arrangements and work on the mansion bring them together. The attraction was there right from the start but they took their time and it was kinda nice to see. Things were closed door which isn't my preferred reading but the tension leading up to it and some kisses along the way were a nice addition.

Overall, Safe in the Tycoon's Arms made for a nice evening read that wasn't too heavy--despite the topic-- and had me alternatively tearing up and smiling too. I would have liked to see a couple spots fleshed out but overall an enjoyable read with great characters that so fit each other perfectly.

Have you read Faye?
Do you have a favorite single parent read?
Or a "surprise" meeting that just had you snorting?

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