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Interview w./ Hildie McQueen-- it's a bookgasm, people, it's a bookgasm.

 Morning ladies! Hildie McQueen is stopping by today! She's awesome and just a sweet heart. I got to meet her last year at an event and it was such a good time. She's got two releases happening right now and came by to tell us a little about them. Check it out and leave her some love. She's got gifties for one commenter too!  ~Anna
The morning after Amy Leigh Paisley, is left behind in Las Vegas, she wakes up with not only a huge hangover, but married to Trent Mulherin, who happens to be Charleston’s most eligible bachelor. Who can blame a girl when she decides to keep her hot husband?

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*girly squeal* Good morning Hildie!! It's so good to see you again! Come on in, come on in. I have some chocolate pastries all set up for us to snack on while we talk about your new releases! They both sound so good!
Yum!  Can we have some tea too please? 

Oh of course! I'm a total tea girl here. *settles in with a couple mugs of tea* Alright, If you had 10 seconds to hook someone and have their toes curling in anticipation what would you tell them about One Night in Vegas?
Amy Leigh Paisley meets a hottie in a bar in Vegas and wakes up the next morning married to Trent Mulherin, Charleston's most eligible bachelor.  Now she's in a pickle, his father thinks she's a gold digger, her mother wants her to be one and she just wants to stay married to him just a bit longer and have another night of great sex.
Bwaha. That's...not a complicated situation at all! It sounds like such a good time. lol Now, I just love quotes. Were there any naughty or sweet ones in One Night in Vegas that so had you melting for these two?
 How about one that made me giggle and one that was very swoon worthy?
"Sweet mother of everything that has ever breathed," Amy whispered. She'd only seen men like him on Pinterest, and here she thought they were all gay. "I would so love to take a picture of you right now and pin it."

I only have eyes for one woman tonight, and always." He pressed a kiss to her lips and she wanted to believe him.
OMG Hildie I adore her already! Pin him indeed. lol Could you tell us 2 fun behind the scenes facts about One Night in Vegas
  • The bar where the Amy Leigh and Trent meet, the Bellini, really exists, it's in the Venetian and they do serve Peach Bellini's!
  • In the scene where Trent's ex-girlfriend comes to his townhouse, I almost wrote a cat fight, but then decided against it.  Although it's still a hilarious scene, I wonder if I should have written in a couple of bitch-slaps.  

Fallon Trent is going to die. Either the Protectors will kill him or he will do the honors himself. No matter what, the powerful demon growing inside him will not be allowed to flourish. There is no exception, not even for the only woman to ever capture his heart. As a human demon slayer, Tonia Mohr's sole purpose is revenge. The more demons she eradicates-the better. And she will stop at nothing to find the one responsible for her husband's death. But can she possibly keep her oath when a powerful demon takes refuge in the man she loves or will the power of their passionate love conquer all.

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::snort:: Bitch slaps are so merited sometimes. Okay, switching gears a little...I'm totally curious about your other release Desperate Possessions too! Could you tell us a little about it real quick?
Desperate Possession is the third book in The Protector's series.  Immortal demon slayers who are assigned to Atlanta, Georgia.  In this book Fallon Trent, the British Protector is fighting for his life.  He is marked to be possessed by a master demon and of course for the first time in over 200 years of life, he's also fallen in love.  The heroine is a US Marshall, Tonia Mohr, who moonlights as a human demon slayer.  Talk about two people that do not trust each other one bit.  It's a good thing they are lovers.
Oh now that sounds...incredible! What was it about these two that just had you going all girly and loving them?
The Protectors are huge hunks of sexiness who roam the streets at night, kill bad guys and spring fangs when either angry or aroused. There are two Highlanders, a Spartan, an 1800s cowboy and Fallon who was a British Lord in 1825. Oh and by the way, their leader is Julian a Roman Gladiator. What is there not to love?
OMG Hildie. That's a serious kinda of bookgasm happening right there. Holy cow that's a lot of yum. 

Okay, how about a couple quickies before you head out?

Favorite Man Candy?
 David Gandy *nods oh I definitely am there with you Hildie!*
Last thing that made you blush?
Getting caught by my husband surfing the net for hunky men
I'm totally girly squealy obsessed with...?
Sam and Dean Winchester...eeek!
Top things on my bucket list...?
Meet Sam and Dean...I mean Jared and Jensen, Spend a week in NYC doing New Yorkie things, Drink some whiskey in a pub in Ireland, See the Northern Lights

Weirdest thing in your purse (or room) right now?
A bottle of Love Potion, never know...
Thanks so much for coming by Hildie! It's always so much fun to see you. Congrats again on the releases! Can't wait to check them out!
Thank you so much for hosting me Anna, please let me giveaway some prizes! One lucky commenter will get a copy of One Night in Vegas and some sparkly fun stuff from me! 

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