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Reaper's Vow (The Shadow Reapers #2) by Sarah McCarty

"McCarthy captured my attention completely with a fascinating storyline and inspiring characters that were impossible not to love."

Ever since his cousin Adelaide disappeared, Cole Cameron has been searching for her—and for Isaiah Jones, whom he blames for her kidnapping, after a hellacious fight in town involving—if the stories of drunken saloon goers were to be believed—men who changed into wolves. Being a practical man, Cole doesn’t believe it.

Then he is rescued from a pack of strangely intelligent wolves by none other than his quarry, Isaiah, who brings him to a hidden valley where the Shadow Reapers have settled, where he is reunited with Adelaide—and where he finds the beautiful Miranda.

Miranda was once a captive of the enemy pack of Rogues. Now a werewolf herself, all she wants is to protect her daughter and try to forget the husband she lost. But Cole’s not about to give up the greatest desire he’s ever felt in his life. And he’s vowed to make Miranda his—no matter what stands in his way…

Type: Paranormal Historical--wolves
Heat: 3 out of 5 (though not much)
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Ooo. Seriously. In love with this book. Historical romance AND it's paranormal. I mean. Reader girl *swoon*. Reaper's Vow was an interesting read. It takes place post Civil War with a group of men and women who had been tortured, turned into werewolves against their will and used as assassins until they escaped to try and create some sort of lives for themselves. Interesting, right?

So the quick of it is that Cole--a human--has spent months tracking the Shadow Reapers who have his baby cousin Adelaide. He's certain she was taken against her will (when really she's in love with and married to one of their men) and is going to rescue her and bring her home to safety! Only. He hits some snags. Like having to be rescued by those very Shadow Reapers he was hunting and then falling for one of their women, Miranda, and her little girl and getting all good and tangled in their lives. Ahh the best laid plans. lol

She flopped over and sat up in the bed. Wendy stirred.

"Careful, you're going to wake your daughter."

She huffed at him for the helpful hint.

He smiled, knowing she couldn't see it in the shadow from his had.

"Is it just me you enjoy provoking, or is it a general habit?"

"Might be generalized. But I'm pretty much focused on you tonight though."

"Because you think I owe you?"

"Because you're there and I'm here, neither one of us is sleeping, and I'm curious."

"My God, it's a wonder nobody's shot you before now."

He broke out laughing at that. "A few have."

Miranda has been on the outskirts of the Shadow Reapers. She was turned into a werewolf after an attack not long before and lost her husband so it's just her and her daughter Wendy--who was just adorable. She's a struggling mama and really doesn't have much in the way of support but she never gives up. Miranda and Cole are both strong and determined as hell in everything they set out to do--namely protecting those that are theirs. I loved watching Cole with both Miranda and her daughter. He really has a way with kids for being a gruff alpha male that was so incredibly endearing and made me go all swoony over him.

The romance is slow going and definitely has some bumps along the way but worth the wait. I loved these two together. The attraction is there but both struggle with their thoughts on Reapers and humans and relying on other people and worrying about the future. I liked seeing that though. It made it feel more real and had me rooting for them.

There were some pretty funny moments. Some heartbreaking ones and some that just made me hurt for them. And lordy there was some palm sweating too as outside forces come against them both.

McCarthy captured my attention completely with a fascinating storyline and inspiring characters that were impossible not to love. I really enjoyed this peak into the world of the Shadow Reapers. Seeing how they lived, their frustrations with not really knowing much about their werewolf sides and their determination to forge a new life. From the romance to the mystery of the Reapers and the danger they encountered along the way I'm very much looking forward to seeing more from the world and hope some of the secondary characters will get a chance to have their stories told as well.

**oh and just an after note about the writing style. This one is heavy on dialogue. There's still a good bit of inner reflection but dialogue takes up a good portion. It's different but I liked it :)

Have you read McCarty?
Do you have a favorite historical paranormal romance?

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