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Deeper Than Need (Secrets & Shadows #1) by Shiloh Walker

Eager to put a dark, troubled past behind her, Trinity Ewing buys an old house that will make the perfect refuge for her and her young son once renovations are complete. The last thing on her mind is finding someone new…but the contractor she’s hired is an irresistible distraction—and Trinity can’t help but fantasize about all the business they could be doing behind closed doors.

Noah Benningfield thought he’d put his demons behind him. But the moment he lays eyes on Trinity, the temptation he feels is too powerful to deny. Soon the attraction between them explodes into something neither of them could have imagined. But their desire will be put to the test when a shocking local murder has them dodging danger at every turn. Can the beautiful and damaged Trinity trust someone like Noah, whose own past is as haunted as her own? The only thing she knows for sure is that she can’t live without a man who makes her feel this good—over and over again…

Type: Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Heat: 2.5 out of 5--very limited
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Well now. Deeper Than Need was a fascinating read that held me in it's grip from start to finish as a small town's dirty secrets are ripped from their roots and love finds two damaged souls--hurt badly by love in the past--and sets them to healing. Yeah. It was pretty dang good.

Trinity and her son are needing a do-over and they've moved to a small town and bought an old house in dire need of fixing up. Which brings Noah into their lives and a murder/disappearance mystery from 20 years ago back to the surface when a body is found buried under the floorboard. Rocking the town and Noah since his girlfriend from all those years ago was one of the missing people involved with the case. Que the big owly eyes. Can you imagine?! I would have flipped the feck out over finding a body in my house like that. #ThingsNightmaresAreMadeOf

I really liked these two. Noah--holy sexy male--and Trinity are solid people who have some deep dark secrets that they've been carrying along for way too many years and that have really kept them down. I liked that they wouldn't give up. There's some awful stuff in this world and they both fell to it but eventually pulled themselves out and tried again. He's sexy and sweet with her little boy, she's a fighter and determined to start over. I just liked them and who they were. They were a sweet match.

There's an instant click between them and they just feel like they're home with each other. That wouldn't always work for me but it did in this case. They were a nice fit and felt right. Even though things moved quick it didn't feel that way. It really was like they'd finally come home and were with that perfect person for them. This wasn't exactly a hot and heavy read. There's lots of chemistry and tension but full out naughty doesn't happen for a while and when it does it's good but not too steamy/much. But again. It felt right for them so I was a happy girl ;)
“I’m going to collapse if you keep doing things like that,” she said, her voice hoarse.

“If you do, I’ll catch you.”

This...kept me kind of on edge the entire time. You know a lot of nasty shit has gone down in this town. That lots of people are involved on both sides. Either that have been hurt by it or that are making it happen. And you get vague ideas of what that nasty was. Who was involved, etc. But it's still kind of mysterious in a way. Like you're just waiting for the next little piece to fall into place for the whole picture to be seen but without that one piece it's just not all there. And it kind of ends that way as well. Things wrap up but you're still left without knowing everything or having it all spelled out. The romance was complete/the HEA final but the mystery looks like it'll spill over into the next couple's book. I kind of liked this but also kinda wanted a more drawn out "this is what it was here are all the whys/hows/whos" as well.
All in all--from characters to romance to suspense-- Deeper than Need was a damn fine read. Walker knows how to pull together an intriguing tale that'll stir up all kinds of emotions and leave you eager for more. She definitely got me curious and invested in this little world.

Have you read Walker? Have a favorite?
Do you like mysteries/suspense?
Are you okay with not always knowing every little bit or is that a must for ya?

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