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Review/Quote-tastic (73)-- omg it's Frankenstein!-- Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

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This week is all about Jaci Burton and Hope Burns which is out tomorrow. It was a pretty great second chance romance and this scene just had me chuckling. It's Halloween and things have gotten a little steamy after everyone left the big party...

"I should go take a shower and get this green makeup off my face."

"And leave me standing here? I don't think so."

"You really want with me looking like this?"

Her lips curved. "Maybe I have a thing for movie monsters."

"Kinky." He grasped her wrist and kissed it, then pulled her arm around his neck, drawing her body closer to his so he could touch her skin and that sexy white thing that encased her curves.
If he kept talking to her--and touching her--this way, she was going to explode. She supposed that was the end game, but he was stretching her patience to the limits, especially when he knelt down and peeled her stockings off, every moment way too slow for her liking. Still, she appreciated the way he skimmed his fingers over her calves and back up her legs, pausing to kiss her thighs.

Her breath held, especially when he nudged her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs.

She felt those bolts on his neck slide along her legs, lifted her head...

And saw a green Frankenstein face. She expected him to make some kind of grrr noise.

She burst out laughing.

Carter jerked his head up.


"I'm sorry," she said between fits of laughter. "But Frankenstein is going down on me."

He cocked a brow, jerked on the bolts glued to his neck, pulling them off. "I told you."

"I know you did. I just didn't expect..." She laughed again.

He stood. "Don't. Move. I'll be right back." He headed toward the bathroom, then stopped, turned to her and pointed. "And don't start without me."

Heat: 3 out of 5--though limited, Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh Jaci Burton. Cowboy, athlete, cop, biker or mechanic. Grumbly or easy going and a bit cheeky. She never fails to make me smile and leave me in just a little bit of a girlie swoon over her heroes and their stories.  Hope Burns...whew, yeah, not even gonna lie there was a little mechanic lust happening as high school sweethearts Carter and Molly are forced to deal with each other after 12 years apart and face the fact that no matter the hurts they'd caused each other years ago...they still have a way of undoing the other without even trying.

I'm such a sucker for those second chance romances as yall know and, oh man, these two had a rough bit of history for sure. Something that destroyed their young love and all their plans for the future and sent Molly running hard for more than a decade. Refusing to come home until her baby sister was getting married and she just couldn't say no. It was so working for me even if I wanted this girl to stop running and face that delectable bit of man in front of her. 

Carter was....drool worthy. No question. He's made something of himself over the years--built up a nice business, remodeled a home and just become a down deep good to his toes guy who's caring, pretty laid back and can have a wicked hot gleam in his eyes now and again. He's also a Halloween junkie which was entertaining and so dang patient and understanding. And Molly was a pretty good one too though she's a runner. When things get too serious or permanent she picks up, moves and starts over. But she's sweet and loves her family and most of the time is a straight shooter and direct--of course not always with her feelings but with everything else...she's solid. 

The two really were great together. Worked nicely as a team on town projects and holiday events and other such things. Could tease and taunt and heat things up real good too once they agreed to try and put the past in the past. It was fun watching them getting to know each other again, spending time with their families and friends and enjoying the holiday season--Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gah that was fun. I would have liked just a tiny bit more at the end but all in all, Hope Burns was another charming romance from Burton and the town of Hope.

Okay. A second book inspired man candy but a little naughty so gonna hid him. But with his love of Halloween I just couldn't resist...

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