Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Monthly Herd: September Recap!

Once again...omg where did the month go?! Blows me away it's October already. Whew!
I had a couple big things happen with the blog this month that had me all nervous but excited too. I love starting new adventures :) And so far everything is going great with them. Yay!

On the home front we're doing okay. Franny got her all clear at the vets from when she was so sick this summer which just was the best news ever. She promptly gave me the cold shoulder for taking her once again to the vet though a bit of apple fritter seemed to sooth her. lol One of our other chiclets though is starting her own battle. Sierra had surgery recently for a mass in her throat they think is cancer. We're still waiting for test results. She's doing good though. Eating and sassy and playing with her laser pointer so we're doing good. Trying not to borrow worries and just enjoy each day 

Other than that it was just same ol' same ol' but a good month. Went to some readery events and worked on some projects and read a TON. Gotta love that! Alright so recap from September is down below. If there are posts you missed and want to check out please feel free :) 

September brought one pretty big thing for me...I opened doors for HCBS author services.
Eep! Doing this and that for authors or bloggers when needed.
You can check it out here :)

There was a lot of stuff happening this month feature wise!

I actually finished September's Bucket List! Woot!
Check it out HERE and what I have planned for Oct!

The newest "Must Reads" List went up and it was all about Historical Romances!

This month's Blogger to Author chat was about 

Authors do you have a blogger thing you'd like to know more about?
Let me know!

Lark from The Bookwyrm's Hoard stopped by for a chat!

Yall are so weird. I ♥ ya. I really do.

And a Randomly Random that was truly random.

In Oct I'm going to do a Happiness Challenge. 
It's 30 posts. They'll be 2nd post each day. 
I saw this challenge on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a great idea. 
I'm not particularly unhappy just kinda in the middle and figured it couldn't hurt to give it a go. Hopefully I'l make it the whole month :)

Sign Ups opened for the Christmas Recipe Exchange!
It's like a Christmas Card Exchange just sending each other yummy recipes in the mail instead!
Check out THIS post to sign up!

A blogger version of NaNoWriMo! Coming in November!
Goal is to end the month with 30 MORE pre-scheduled posts than when you started the month!
More info and Sign Up...HERE!

Whew so this month was review HEAVY! 
18 books that included 6 new to me authors :)


Annnnd that's it for September! It was a great month but I'm ready to move on to October and what it holds. What about yall? Any exciting things happen in September? Anything you're excited for in Oct?

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